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This thing called blogging


I have noticed that many of the people in my blogroll aren’t keeping up with their blogs anymore. I think I know the issue-many are also my Facebook friends and I think Facebook is their main way of communicating now. I would say it’s probably easier for a few pals that are new moms/moms to pop on Facebook and show photos of their adorable children. Nothing is wrong with that. I just miss their blog posts. I do visit about 3 friends faithfully every day and only one doesn’t have a FB acct. I guess it’s what floats your boat. I’m finding it hard to know what to post about myself-one reason it’s the dead of winter, I’m not doing a lot of crafting and I’m not taking a heck of a lot of photos. If by a slim chance I get to go to the Philly Flower show this week, I will indeed post more snapshots. Thank goodness the Longwood orchid show is at the end of the month.
I’m getting my hair fixed in a couple of days-it so needs it-that spruced up feeling helps the winter blahs. And hopefully, if all is well, I’ll see a few of my FB/PHS gal pals for lunch on Saturday. Ah girl talk-I so need that too!

Interesting Tuesday


I went to the dentist Monday afternoon and had my teeth fixed, plus a part of a filling that may have been trouble down the road. Guess who pointed out the later issue? Yes-me! Didn’t the dentist see ‘the almost problem’ when he examined my teeth a few weeks ago? I asked him to check my crown as I felt it was a bit loose. He tapped on it, but he went crazy with the dental floss telling me to toughen up my gums around it. To make a long story, short…I went to floss my teeth on Tuesday, stuck the floss in there and ‘pop goes the crown’ in the sink! Just wonderful. Why didn’t he listen? So I called the office and Brian went with me to the 6 pm appt. I had to scramble around here to get dinner made-soft food-meatloaf and mashed potatoes. So I waited and waited…

(even had time to play with my phone camera)
I was numb here and waiting on the dentist to put a pin with a nail head in my gum. It was a nasty smell (on of the reasons I went was that when I used the water pic it smelled when I got to that tooth! Get a water pic!) My tooth under the crown had broken (I remember biting something hard in early December that must have done the dirty deed-I didn’t tell the dentist-but I think the pin should have been put in over a year ago).
So I have my smile back!
I’ve won 3 prizes from the One World, One Heart blog event. Look what Tammy is treating me with:

So beautiful!
I need to find my other wins and post. One is a gorgeous assortment of paper and one is a lampwork necklace.
Hoping for a better, more productive Wednesday.

Congrats to Julia!!!


I just did a random drawing using the online random generator and Julia from my blog roll (My Adventures and Antics-a great blog too)won the One World, One Heart contest! She was #70 out of 314 comments. Julia, please contact me by the end of the day. If by chance she passes on this (I hope not), I will do another drawing. Since I know Julia has 5 children under the age of 12 (I think that is correct), I may have to put something in the box for the two little boys. ; )

Off to the dentist in a few hours to get a few chipped teeth fixed-lucky me!
And-if my chance I win anything-you can leave a comment here-crossing fingers!

Grammys 2010


I was watching this year’s music awards and enjoyed many of the performances like the duo between Sir Elton John and Lady Gaga; Greenday and other singers doing ’21 Gun’ and Pink doing her ‘swinger and singer’ act on a twirling silk scarf that went toward the ceiling and then sprayed water on her. I had to fish around for my 3D glasses (saved from a game Sean had) but didn’t get to see much of the Michael Jackson tribute. His eldest two children Prince and Paris very eloquently accepted the award in his name.
I was very sad to learn that Kenny Rankin, one of my favorite singers had passed away last June at the age of 69 from lung cancer. His voice fit into so many genres-pop, jazz, folk. I had many of his records.

This is how I remember him-with his big mustache.
Also Dan Seals passed last year. Remember England Dan and John Ford Coley? He’s also Jim Seals younger brother. Their big hit was ‘I Really want to See You Tonight’.
Three singers in the last 12 yrs I have admired have passed: John Denver, Dan Fogelberg and now Kenny. I got to see John and Dan in concert. Kenny and Dan had cancer, John died in a solo plane accident.
Sean is getting use to Wally World. It’s hard being on his feet a lot, but he seems to work two days and is off two. They have him working 30 odd hours, is that part time? If he is called by the Census bureau to work, he’d have to work something out with Wally World as it’s just for a few months.
I am so dry today and it lead to a coughing attack. My sinuses started draining and it was hairy for a few minutes. I swear I have food allergies too. We had some of that rice (Dirty Rice) that you just heat up in it’s own package. I’m wondering what was in that too. Sometimes it’s a pain to cook everything from scratch, but if something is loaded with MSG, it’s going to bother me.
I’m amazed by all the comments for my One World, One Heart entry! Wow!! Thanks everyone for visiting. I still need to visit lots of the other blogs myself, but I get eye strain so easily. I’ll do my best.
Congrats to my friend Rachel and her hubby Mike on the arrival of their son Connor last night, just before 11 pm. He came on his due date and is home already. Rachel’s blog is Willing Hands on my blog roll. She has photos of his nursery. I have some goodies to mail off to her (she only lives in Abington, PA and I have met her once). Better get busy!



Hey gang! It’s been fun looking at the blogs in the One World, One Heart event in my sticky post. I haven’t gotten to 100 on the list and I believe there are over 700 now! It’s neat to see so many creative bloggers out there. Don’t forget, if you have a blog and like to visit new bloggers and enter contests for awesome things, then drop by OWOH until Feb. 15th.
On a personal note, and it’s hard to talk about, my one family member is really unhappy and we’re not sure why. I do my best to help my mom when I can. Thursday was an ugly, ugly day. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but wish mom luck as it seems to be her clothes and personal things that are always an issue with him. I don’t think I can handle him anymore. I have forgiven him so many times and he was really awful to me yesterday. Bad dream. He’ll probably be moving out sooner or later.
Sean is finally on the register at Wally World! He said it went well until the store’s manager or someone came up to him and asked him if a customer had bought milk and he stalled trying to recall and she said ‘well yes or no’? Seems the customer may have been trying to lift milk maybe in a closed container she later bought, but Sean checked the container and there wasn’t anything in it. I told him it seemed like a ‘test’ to see if he was doing the right thing. Geez.
Taking it one day at a time.

One World, One Heart


Thanks to Lisa for hosting this exciting and creative event for the 4th year in a row (2007). I think this is the 3rd time I’ve been involved. All you have to do is leave a ‘hello, please include me’ comment on this post only. At midnight on the 15th of February, I’ll randomly pick a winner.
One World One Heart Giveaway items
I made three of the above items! I made the Valentine with the vintage couple. The wording is-‘he loved her wild gypsy heart’. I also made the cover for the chunky note book. They are hard to find and I’ve given away a few and the recipients loved them. My mom shrunk up a pretty red wool sweater, so I brought it home and made this trio of hearts for a garland out of it. It’s about 17″ long and has some hooks on the ends. You can add your own goodies to the garland. The other things are from one of my favorite artists, Mary Engelbreit-a chair ornament with a heart pillow and a magnet with a few kitchen conversions. Also included is a box of Conversation hearts and some say ‘Tweet Me’ on them.
Please enter only once! Good luck, I would love to send these heart goodies to you!
Gypsy Heart Valentine
Mary Engelbreit Magnet
Mary Engelbreit Chair Ornament
Handcrafted Felted Heart-part of garland
Trio of handcrafted felted hearts

Oh look at what I won!


My big box of goodies came from Christine Clemmensen yesterday I was one of the winners of her November contest! I won her and Elsebeth Gynther’s book ‘Scraps’, a lovely white shadowbox with a wonderful elephant themed piece of art, a bag of paper goodies-many vintage and some postcards. This is so up my alley and I was thrilled. It was like Christmas came early for me!

Cookie Swap time


Thanks to Scrappy Jessi for hosting her 3rd annual cookie swap. My pal Jen over at Sweet Pea Stitches shared lots of cookie recipes with me last year and I tried a few. We really loved these, melt-in-the-mouth goodies. Jen said I could share, so here goes:
Sour Cream Drops

½ cup shortening (margarine)
1 ½ cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
2 ¾ cup flour
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt

Mix together shortening, sugar and eggs. Stir in sour cream and vanilla. Sift together and stir in flour, baking soda, powder and salt. Chill at least one hour. Drop onto greased cookies sheets 2 inches apart. Bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes Makes: 5 dozen

Burnt Butter Icing

Melt 4 tbsp butter until golden brown. Blend in 1 cup sifted powdered sugar and ½ tsp vanilla. Stir in 1-2 tbsp hot water until icing spreads smoothly. Icing for 30 cookies.
Sour Cream Drops

Congrats to Sherry from England!


I just did a random number pull and #15 came up! One of my fun Flickr pals named Sherry from England won my 5th blog anniversary giveaway! Congrats Sherry!!
Here’s what Sherry is getting:

A shopping tote with the bird design;  a small notebook with the Taj Mahal on it; chocolate scented soap and portable soap for your purse-all from Pier one; a Cape May ‘diamond’ ready to put on a chain from Cape May, NJ-Sunset Beach area; a picture frame that looks like a sandcastle; James’ Saltwater Taffy from Atlantic City in a Dice box; some olive oil and tangerine lotion from Caesar’s Hotel in Atlantic City, a ‘champagne’ bottle of bubbles and a handmade ATC from me along with some brochures from near where I live! Enjoy!
Thanks to the 21 people who entered. There’s always next year.

Post 2,500!!!


This is almost my 5th blog anniversary. I started at the end of 2004 when Sean was a high school senior, now he is a college graduate. My post back in 2004 was about Atlantic City as it was around this same time last year. Guess what?-we are headed down there and Cape May (hoping) for a few jam-filled days next week. My first vacation of the year! I don’t count going to State College a vacation, but I did see some awesome scenery and of course the college campus.
I was in Pier*One and bought a few things for my ‘5th Anniversary Giveaway’. I plan to add a few things from the New Jersey shore to the booty. And I’m not telling you what the goodies are, you’ll have to trust me they are cute, yummy or fun-lol
Please comment on just this post if you want to try and win my goodie bag-the goodie bag is a lovely real bag from Pier*One-I’ll tell you that!
Thanks to all my faithful followers who I have met over the years. I hope we continue to keep in touch and perhaps even met each other someday! And I enjoy making new friends too, so welcome if you are just peeking. ; )
My other milestones-almost 7 thousand uploads to Flickr! and now over 500 uploads of my art cards and collages-about 2.5 yrs of creating!

Oh and the drawing will be randomly generated and the winner picked on August 31st to give many people a chance to enter.