What is blogging again?

What is blogging again?

I’m a bit embarrassed as I take the easy way out with Facebook and Instragram. I miss many of my blogger pals. I’d say they aren’t blogging much either.

I was on WordPress updating my other blog. It’s more like a closing of  Cosmo’s blog as he went over the rainbow bridge on July 1st. Brian and I miss him terribly. Sean happen to be home and saw him have a seizure along with the two of us. The poor kitty had a tumor on his face that developed in February. He was 17 at the time. I was leaving him alone and he was okay. It’s when  we took  him to the vet on 6/30 that he got all upset. She had given him a shot of antibiotics and he was really restless that evening. He had the seizure the next day, we took him back to the vet and she (associate of the previous one) talked us into putting him down. Brian took it very hard. He had his total left knee replaced on 5/24 and Cosmo had started to climb up on his lap! Cosmo was always my boy and now he switched to Brian. He was only 7 pounds, about half his weight of a few years ago. He was a bag of bones which upset me. He ate up a storm with that big tumor even. It’s quiet here and we still look for him! We had cats for 29 years! The next town over is opening a cat cafe next month, very dangerous. I tossed or donated all his things already.

We haven’t had the best year with Brian losing his one part time job and not being able to work because of his surgery. Things seem to be looking up now. Thank goodness!



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