One thousand geocache finds and Waterloo Village New Jersey


This past weekend Sean and I traveled to northern New Jersey to attend a mega geocaching event. We had gone last year and I really love seeing historic buildings and nature all rolled into one! I suggested one route and we took the one he goes to work using. He wanted to show me where he works in NJ and he has a haul 4 days a week. Plus he works until the middle of the night. It was the long way up and we got stuck in traffic through New Brunswick. We went right to the restaurant in Stanhope rather than the hotel. We weren’t dressed up that much. We went to Belle’s Mansion and had a nice dinner; me bbq boneless ribs and Sean Louisiana shrimp and sausage. We shared a chocolate flourless slice of cake. Delicious!

We even found a cache at the local train station after dark.

We were so close to 1,000 finds!

The next morning I grabbed a few items from the Continental breakfast room and we headed to Waterloo Village.

I was not disappointed in the old historic buildings we saw, only that many need renovation.

WaterlooVilGeo15 003 WaterlooVilGeo15 004 WaterlooVilGeo15 005 WaterlooVilGeo15 006 WaterlooVilGeo15 007

People gliding slowly along on the pontoon.

WaterlooVilGeo15 009

This was one of the ‘logs’ to sign

WaterlooVilGeo15 011

Water was flowing through that trough there. 

WaterlooVilGeo15 014A broken down bridge, but perfect for photo ops.
WaterlooVilGeo15 018

The bridge from another angle with Liatris (I think) in the front.

WaterlooVilGeo15 019

This would be a fun photo to paint or draw!

WaterlooVilGeo15 020

The Smith house looked like the Addams Family house from my childhood tv shows!

We were walking among these places looking for caches. We should have been looking for lab caches too. There were about three games going at once, we only looked for caches. It was super muggy from impending rain.

WaterlooVilGeo15 022WaterlooVilGeo15 024My caching partner. He just passed 700 finds!

WaterlooVilGeo15 026

Waterloo Hotel

WaterlooVilGeo15 028 WaterlooVilGeo15 032

Canal Historic Society-nicely refurbished.

WaterlooVilGeo15 033

This looks like a school

WaterlooVilGeo15 034 WaterlooVilGeo15 036

Not sure what that little coffin was for? A cache? We’ve seen one like it!

WaterlooVilGeo15 037Near where the group photo was taken!

WaterlooVilGeo15 038

This was #1,000! We have been caching since 4/12!

WaterlooVilGeo15 039 WaterlooVilGeo15 040 WaterlooVilGeo15 041 WaterlooVilGeo15 044

This gal brought her Australian pet raccoon along. Very neat!

WaterlooVilGeo15 045
WaterlooVilGeo15 047

The Morris canal

We stayed near Budd Lake, so I requested we stop to see it. There was a little beach with sand. There was a cache there too!

WaterlooVilGeo15 061

WaterlooVilGeo15 062 WaterlooVilGeo15 064

We went down the way that was faster. We stopped at a few places, so I have more photos for another post!

So excited to see my cache number grow!

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