Stinking onion trip pt 2


I know, it’s a funny title, but in truth that is the name the Indians called Chicago way back when. We learned this on the boat tour we took. It’s been a while since a blog update! I spent a lot of the month of May cleaning up the yard, working at the child care, going on a Geocaching trip to Geo Woodstock in Boonsboro, Md (and a side trip to West Virginia) and a weekend trip to Ocean City, Md. I have a few posts to write!

I just had to hop back on the blog to see where I left off with Chicago. We went to the Art Institute of Chicago, Willis tower (was Sears tower), the Navy Yard and the House of Blues the other days we visited. We wised up and started taking cabs which made the trip more enjoyable as it was so cold and windy for April.

The Art Institute is a beautiful place. Trip Adviser voted it the best museum in 2014. A little complicated to get around as they have added on sections. I wanted to see American Gothic by Grant Wood and the painting from Ferris Bueller by Seurat called A Sunday on LaGrand.

Chicago15 055 Chicago15 056 Chicago15 081

Just in that last 5 or so years, I have been to two amazing art museums other than our own Philly museum. Saw yet another VanGogh, his self-portrait.

Chicago15 082

We had a nice time here seeing the different galleries. Sean treated us to lunch at their nice cafeteria and I bought a t-shirt and a few items at the gift shop.

Chicago15 089

I have another photo of me in front of a Monet at the MoMa in NYC back in 2012.

Chicago15 095

Chagall stained glass

Chicago15 057

Bucks County Barn! I know Bucks County, PA!

Chicago15 058

Georgia O’Keefe

Chicago15 063

Pavlova bust 1924

Chicago15 094

Brian near the Chagall stained glass

Chicago15 100

So we rested up and went to see the Willis tower just when the sun was setting.

Chicago15 104

We went up 103 stories to the observation deck. We aren’t thrilled with heights, but have been up high a few other times at the Baltimore World trade center tower and the Skylon tower at Niagara Falls. I also went to the top of  the Washington monument. What makes this extra interesting are the ledge’s glass boxes that stick out. You have to almost hold your breath when you step out in one of them!

Chicago15 121

Here is Sean sitting in one of the boxes! I stood in this one too.

Just a few more shots of the city as the sun sets.

Chicago15 113 Chicago15 119 Chicago15 130

The young lady at the tower gift shop (wow, they have a few places to buy things) said we should go to Malnati’s for their deep dish pizza. We HAD to go there. So we grabbed a cab and did. Got to see more of the city too.

Chicago15 137

It was like a 35 minute wait and we were eating at 8:30. Very noisy there too. The pizza was pretty good!

I guess I’ll do a post on the Navy Yard and the architecture of Chicago next.

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