Last day in one heck of a town!


All trips come and go too quickly. We really did see a lot on our trip to Chicago. I have about 4 friends who live nearby, but alas didn’t meet up with any of them.

One the last day, we ate breakfast at a quiet place where we had a coupon. We waited a bit and then headed to the navy pier. The hotel held our baggage for us until later. We had a late flight out so had a lot of time to kill. We would be getting on the train at almost rush hour too.

The first thing we did at the navy yard was to look for a cache. We walked and walked, it’s a long place! We almost didn’t find it, but I think Sean, maybe Brian put his hand on it.

We grabbed a hot dog lunch and decided to take the boat tour through the city as an added treat. It was really worth it!

Chicago15 139

Captain on the helm near the navy pier

Chicago15 144

The navy pier- a fun place to visit!

Chicago15 147

The artist was there hand painting these! Look like photos from a distance.

Chicago15 148

The conservatory was pretty, but crowded with school kids.

Next was our boat tour to see the architecture of Chicago. Brian took most of the photos. I only remember a few of the buildings. Our tour guide was awesome!

Chicago15 152 Chicago15 153 Chicago15 155 Chicago15 161 Chicago15 167

These are know as the corn cobs!

Chicago15 173

This building has two zip codes!

Chicago15 177

The Chicago Sun Times

Chicago15 190

The Willis tower where we had been the night before!

Chicago15 192 Chicago15 195

Chicago15 202

I bought a hat for the boat ride.

Chicago15 205

Outside the Navy Pier

Chicago15 210

The Whip statuary

Chicago15 211

Sean didn’t get that you need to be in the front when playing this game!

We had the cabby drop us off at The House of Blues. It really wasn’t that big inside. We found a cache around the corner in the middle of the city! Those are fun ones to find. I think they make police nervous.

Chicago15 212Chicago15 214Ringo Starr and his band had signed these guitars.

After this, we walked to the hotel, which was rough for me. We had the cabby drop us off at the train entrance. We had to stand a bit on the train until a young lady let me sit down. We had a nice conversation with a guy who traveled a bit for business. Had a little walk at the airport and then sat and waited for our flight. I think we made good time.

All in all a good trip! Sean really enjoyed his meetings this time around. I think as he gets older he will. The next one is in San Francisco! I have never been out west. I doubt we will be able to go next year, but I can hope we can!

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