Seeing Chicago like a typical tourist! Part 1


A few weeks ago, the three of us caught a 6 am flight out to Chicago. Yep, the night owls got up at 2 am to make that flight. We all tried to hit the hay around 8 pm, like babies. I think I actually slept for a bit. Anyway, we parked at a place, got driven to the first let off and slept sitting up like most of our fellow passengers were at 6 in the morning. We had a bit of a walk to luggage and then we took the train to Chicago. I thought for sure I could figure out where to go once we got off the train, but we were dragging 3 suitcases and carry ons around the windy, cold and unknown city. It was blasted cold for late April. Sean said the 50s and it was the 40s. I had a cozy big sweater, not a coat. I did bring long sleeves and one sweater. We got a taxi to drive us like a block and a half-$5-it was worth it.

Our hotel, the Wyndham was beautiful. Brian and I appreciated this fact while Sean was at his geography meetings in the hotel up the road. We could lounge on the chaise (I want one!) and watch tv. After we checked in, we decided to look for a place I had a coupon for from We headed up the wrong way, then turned around and headed down Michigan Ave. I had done a lot of walking already and I was hurting. We finally found Waffles Cafe! No sign over the place, just a sidewalk sign. We had green tea and fancy chocolate waffles and a few ‘Wonuts’-a little donut waffle. We explored a little more, got a virtual geocache and checked out a Dylan’s Candy Bar as we had in NYC 3 years ago.

Here are a few photos of our first day in Chicago!

Chicago15 006

Trump Tower was across from our hotel

Chicago15 012

Near the bridge on Michigan Ave.

Chicago15 013

The Chicago River where we would take a boat ride a few days later.

Chicago15 014

Nathan Hale memorial

Chicago15 018

Sean on Michigan Ave.

Chicago15 019

These pretty platters were along the way to breakfast. The pussy willows were a nice touch.

Chicago15 021

Flags displayed at a hotel

Chicago15 025

The virtual cache was to find this building with relics from dozens of different places like the above.

Also had Independence Hall and Swedes Church among many others!

Chicago15 033

Fun lollipop display at the new Dylan’s Candy Bar.

We finally went back to our room and slept like babies. Sean went to his conference and we vegged until we went to Morton’s Steakhouse for dinner. That is a fancy restaurant with fancy prices. They give you a ton of their onion bread and food! Sean got a shrimp and pasta dish while Brian and I had braised beef on wide noodles. Our waiter was great. We split the Caesar salad on the suggestion of the waiter. It was delicious like all the food! We got mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts that we didn’t need as our plates were overflowing!

We took a little walk (no not a little walk, and there I was testing the limits again) to Millennium Park. I really wanted to see ‘The bean’ which is really called ‘Cloudgate’. I almost crawled the last few feet, but it is an amazing sculpture! You can walk under it too!


Springtime near the bean


Us doing the virtual for geocaching.


Us under the bean.

So it was hard for me to walk back to the hotel and the remaining couple of days, we used taxis.

Part 2

Art Museum of Chicago and the Willis Tower!

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