Part 2 Flower Show- Beauties and Butterflies


There is the main area for the flower displays and shopping and then smaller ‘banquet’ rooms highlighted special things. We enjoyed the butterfly room, so Sean got to explore it this year. He almost didn’t go in. We have been to a few butterfly exhibits over the years and we always see some special ones.

But first, let me show you some of Gene London’s Hollywood Collection of costumes through the years. I will show you mostly the ladies in the beginning.

PhillyFlShow15 119

Marilyn Monroe was well presented here!

PhillyFlShow15 120

This was Leslie Caron’s gorgeous fairytale like gown from the movie ‘Glass Slipper’ made in 1955

PhillyFlShow15 121 PhillyFlShow15 123

You can click on the photo to enlarge to see all the names.

PhillyFlShow15 124

I know that Audrey Hepburn’s ‘My Fair Lady’ outfit is standing out.

PhillyFlShow15 126

Our own Grace Kelly. That is her wedding dress on the right. I have seen it before. It’s getting a little faded. Her Oscar dress is in the back. I think the other dress was from her Hitchhock movie. Gene London, the owner of the display, had a kids’ show out of Philadelphia when we were little kids in the 1960s.

PhillyFlShow15 128

Not crazy about the lighting here, but you know the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in ‘The Seven Year Itch’ They had it blowing from below like in the movie.

Another Marilyn dress....Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Another Marilyn dress….Diamonds are a girls best friend!

PhillyFlShow15 130

A replica of the ‘Happy Birthday Mr. President’ gown from a tv movie from the 90s.

PhillyFlShow15 131

Lana Turner-wow! Saw her on a local tv show in the 1970s

PhillyFlShow15 134

Doris Day wore this!

PhillyFlShow15 135

Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I (pretty sure)

Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I (pretty sure)

I was totally thrilled to see many of the costumes from one of my favorite movies ‘Gone with the Wind’.

You have to remember Scarlett running out front of Tara in the opening scene.

PhillyFlShow15 143 PhillyFlShow15 144

PhillyFlShow15 146

PhillyFlShow15 145

Mourning clothes. And also Clark Gable’s suit.  I saw on Instagram that most of the costumes were here, but some were in a tea room. I missed the ‘curtain dress’ and the white with green flower dress.

PhillyFlShow15 147

Mia Farrow- The Great Gatsby

PhillyFlShow15 150PhillyFlShow15 149 PhillyFlShow15 153 PhillyFlShow15 154

I wanted to pose too!

PhillyFlShow15 155

Guy costumes

PhillyFlShow15 140

Sean Connery as Robin Hood and Raquel Welch

PhillyFlShow15 141

John Wayne and Planet of the Apes costume

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

And now the butterflies!

PhillyFlShow15 156

This young lady was enjoying the butterfly room!

PhillyFlShow15 157 PhillyFlShow15 159

This was me holding the monarch. Save the monarch!

PhillyFlShow15 162 PhillyFlShow15 163

This young lady let me photograph her little pink and black friend

PhillyFlShow15 166

Forgot a few from the main show:

PhillyFlShow15 176

The woods in Nightmare Before Christmas

PhillyFlShow15 177

A Ratatouille display

PhillyFlShow15 170

A chicken coop made from an old car!

PhillyFlShow15 183

Busts I liked for sale

PhillyFlShow15 184 PhillyFlShow15 188Amaryllis

PhillyFlShow15 189

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