Exploring new and old places


Last weekend was the 29th Annual Mushroom Festival a few miles away from here. We had wanted to go on Saturday night, but we got heavy rain and decided to try a restaurant around the corner from where we live. I lately haven’t been pleased eating out. I got lobster mac and cheese which was good, but it’s not that hard to get right. It was so hot, I had to wait 15 minutes to eat it while the guys ate their meals. I got brisket sliders too. They hardly had any meat in them. Sean got a skimpy veggie wrap and Brian got a well done (almost black) burger that was pink in the middle. We had to wait a bit too.Not sure if we will be back. I should have complained. I did know the hostess just from seeing her where I work as she is the grandmom of one of the little boys in our class.

We usually are happy with a few of the chain restaurants and I will name them as they are consistently good: The Olive Garden and Bertucci’s.

The next day Sean and I did go to the festival and it was a nice day and just crowded enough not to drive us crazy. I was pleased with my walking ability. The knee mostly cooperated-that day.





We brought our lunch home from a few local places. Mushroom soup (of course), mushroom risotto, mushroom spring roll and blue cheese, walnuts, arugula and mushroom sandwich. I got the sandwich which was delicious. I just acquired a taste for blue cheese in that last few years. My grandmom loved it! I would replicate it, but make the blue cheese a spread so the mushrooms and walnuts have something to stick to.

I like to buy one thing from the vendors. Last year it was the wrought iron sphere for the garden. This year it was a three stone rectangular  amber ring in silver.

In between the mushroom festival and our next outing, I went to the doctor and I do have to have an outpatient test done. I figured as much. It will be in the beginning of October. And the doctor is very sweet. I don’t want to have it, but I have been dealing with this issue for over 16 years since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The next day after  all that the walking, I was miserable for 2 days. I know it’s arthritis, my knee and back, but it’s got to be something else. I can take medication to help me if necessary. I have so many more things I want to do! 

A few days later, Sean and I drove about an hour to Spruce St. Harbor Park at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia. I had run across it in things to do and they had extended it through the end of September. It’s free, parking is either in lots or meters. We were pleasantly surprised by the park. There was plenty of Adirondack chairs, and hammocks! We listened to a blue grass trio and grabbed a pretty decent burger near the harbor. There was a lagoon you had to walk around to get to the burger and beer shack.


Those are the chairs on the hill near the Christopher Columbus memorial behind the lagoon.

The very awesome part of the park, which I wanted to see the most, were the lights in the trees. They changed colors too.


We spent about an hour there. We enjoyed the ride home as we could see the big screen at Citizen’s Bank park where the Phillies were playing and everything looks neat all lit up.

Yesterday, I wanted to go to Linvilla orchards near my hometown. It’s been years since we stopped by. There use to have a big barn there and I remember going there as a kid and smelling the candy apples syrup. It burnt down several years ago. Now they have two separate buildings-a garden center and the farmer’s market. Today pumpkinland opened and it was rainy here in the afternoon. Glad we went yesterday! They have a great crop this year!


Terrain12I did a little research on these ‘warty’ pumpkins as a friend asked about them. Seems it takes at least 10 generations to get the warts to grow like this. It doesn’t hurt the fruit of the pumpkin.

Terrain13I went to get some apples as I want to do a little baking! I was not disappointed.

Terrain14We went for a little visit to see my mom a few miles away and then ate at Bertucci’s for pizza and headed to a upscale nursery across the road from the restaurant.

We pulled into a space and in front was this gorgeous shrub. I want one! It’s called ‘Beauty Berry’.

Terrain11I think these are the last of the tomatoes we raised. We mostly grew Romas. I love the fresh sauce for pasta.

tomatoes14A pretty rose bloomed for me!

yellowrose14And after my doctor’s appointment, we found a cache in a nearby park. Geocaching makes me feel better. This was across the street from the park. Those are hydrangeas on a picket fence.

WestChester14I probably won’t be posting for a few weeks unless we do something for my mom’s late September birthday. I want to take her to a special local exhibit. And a friend mentioned an orchard in Maryland, so we may drive down there and get some of their famous apple cider donuts! I love sharing with my blog pals. Thanks for stopping by!

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