Hershey Gardens daytrip


We went and brought my mom here to take her to Hershey Gardens which is a couple of hours from here. She hadn’t stayed with us since January! She had full charge of my brother’s old dog during the weekdays until the old fella was put down in July. I had taken my mom to see some of the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ performers back in the wintertime. She liked it, but when they were chatting with the audience, she had a difficult time hearing their banter. We were up near the ceiling there.

So we got one wheelchair and the guys took turns with that. I had my cane. I dislike having this injury go on and on. I use to walk at Longwood Gardens all the time a few years ago. I’ll share some of my favorite shots. We went into the Butterfly house near the children’s garden. I have been in a few over the years, and this was a very nice one.


We were like wow! Look at these outstanding roses! Every color! When we went to Swarthmore to see the roses, theirs were fading. Of course this is a much larger place and the college pins the roses on each graduate.

HersheyGardens14 004

HersheyGardens14 015

We try to take my mom places when we can. She was unsure if she could do this trip, but she was glad to get pushed around. I would have to use the wheel chair half way through and she did fine walking.

HersheyGardens14 011Here is a view of more of the gorgeous roses near a pond with a fountain. Those are the Hershey towers in the background near the amusement park.

HersheyGardens14 025

HersheyGardens14 027Hotel Hershey in the background

And now to the butterflies!

HersheyGardens14 033

HersheyGardens14 032

HersheyGardens14 038

HersheyGardens14 040

HersheyGardens14 042I bought a Paw paw tree to attract these-I think they are the Zebra butterfly

HersheyGardens14 041Some liked the oranges

HersheyGardens14 046

HersheyGardens14 052

HersheyGardens14 058

HersheyGardens14 066

Some whimsical art pieces along the way. There’s some Sedum Autumn Joy for Zoey!

HersheyGardens14 077

These hibiscus were so pretty.

HersheyGardens14 078

I thought these trees were unusual.

HersheyGardens14 086

HersheyGardens14 089

HersheyGardens14 091

We had lunch in a little cafe area. The guys and mom had burgers, but I tried their pulled pork parfait- a layer of pork, mac and cheese and coleslaw in a plastic cup. Pretty good!

HersheyGardens14 008

We visited the museum briefly and didn’t take the tour. We would have waited for Sean, but he said no. We did enjoy buying some goodies in the gift shop.

We then did a few geocaches, one of which was in the cemetery where Milton Hershey and his kin are laid to rest. The cache was opposite his gravesite. We took a look at the impressive Hershey plot and paid our respects.

HersheyGardens14 099

It was a busy day! We drove around in circles a little, but it was nice to see something new and beautiful. Brian took mom home after dropping Sean and me off. I just couldn’t sit in the car for almost 2 more hours. He’s pretty much a great guy doing that for us. Mom and my brother were fostering a puppy and she had to get back. Sean had work the next day.

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