Destination Clearwater


I am posting when I get on my laptop every 10-15 days as it has the photos I need, but it lacks a left click button-I got it to work.

We are actually still trying to get our yard in shape. Both Sean and I had a touch of the flu at the end of May. We were achy, sneezing and had fevers. It took me a good two weeks to get over that.

Also with all my dental work, we only have taken one trip to Ocean City, MD and some day trips to geocache. I can’t believe the 4th of July is in less than a week!

So back to Florida and our last day. We got up and ate breakfast (saved us some $$ as they had breakfast every morning for the guests).

Again we went to Trip Advisor and decided to see Lettuce Lake Park and grab a few caches that were hidden there. It was only $2 to go in. They have a fairly new boardwalk which made seeing a small portion of the park pretty neat. We were also trying to answer questions for a virtual cache.  Some people we saw along the boards had seen a small alligator sunning himself. We looked and didn’t see him!

Florida14 109

You can see why it’s called Lettuce Lake Park by all the flora in the water. There we are (Sean and me) walking along the boardwalk.

Florida14 112

Florida14 117

Florida14 119

Florida14 126

 This was the observatory tower’s top level. I was happy to make it up all those stairs.

We got about 3 caches, some right off the parking lot! I went to get one and a cicada like bug almost flew in my face! Freaked me out! You forget about the bugs when it’s April.

We decided to drive right to Clearwater.  Since we are all Phillies fans, we went to see where our boys in red and white do their spring training Brighthouse Field. It’s an awesome place, but alas it was all closed up, even the gift shop.

Florida14 132


Florida14 137

Florida14 141

Florida14 143


We grabbed lunch at good ol’ Pizza the Hut (these towns look like towns in PA).

We then parked and looked at the beach and a gift shop. And grabbed a cache. I was so tired I didn’t even go near the water’s edge.

Florida14 147

Water, water everywhere!

Florida14 149

Florida14 150

Florida14 151

Florida14 155

Florida14 157

Florida14 159

Florida14 167We found a cache in the ropes there, but couldn’t sign it we didn’t have a pen!

We had a late, crowded flight. We ate at the airport and got home fairly late.

I’d like to dedicate my last 3 posts to my 2 fellows. We sure have interesting trips. We are happy, we yell at each other, but we love seeing different places. Clearwater Beach is a place we’d love to stay at in the future. 

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