So we traveled up to Allentown


We like to take day trips for our birthdays when they come up, that’s if we can think of a place to go. My friend mentioned ‘America on Wheels’, a fairly new museum in Allentown, PA. It’s a few hours away and we decided it would be something to do for hubby Brian’s birthday (which is on the 24th, we went on the 22nd). We went up Rt. 100 and stopped for a geocache in a little shopping village area near a church. The three of us got out and actually went into the cemetery, but after reading the clues again, saw where it was a tree stump and went around to make the quick find.


That would be are only cache of the day. Did I mention that Brian and I hit #500 a little over a week ago? Sean and I actually went to a park in Delaware and got the two caches we needed to reach our new milestone. It took us about an hour as we had to figure out the coords ourselves.

Here I am with the log from #500 and wearing the hat I knitted:


I like that a real popular geocacher from Delaware hide these two.

Back to our trip. We headed to a lunch and then the ‘America on Wheels’ museum.

It’s a nicely laid out two story place. They feature the classic, never seen vehicles. I was really fascinated by the electric cars made at the turn of the last century!

Here are some favorite shots:

AllentownBeth14 005

Brian is a Ford Mustang enthusiast!

AllentownBeth14 004

Ford GT!

AllentownBeth14 013

The birthday boy liked the ‘paddy wagon’!

AllentownBeth14 036

One of my favorite displays because of the photo in the back of the lady about to plug in the vehicle at the turn of the 20th century.

AllentownBeth14 023

Sean posing in front of the antique fire truck! His job includes working with fire stations and collecting fire hydrant data.

AllentownBeth14 025

A hydrogen car-could it be a reality in 2030?

AllentownBeth14 043

A restored ‘hup’ mobile. They had one that wasn’t restored across from this and it was rubbish, though they said was fixable.

AllentownBeth14 029

This was around in 1976 (electric car) when I was in high school!

The antique vehicles were beautifully restored.

AllentownBeth14 050

AllentownBeth14 035

There were mannequins throughout. They were very realistic looking, though a bit creepy.

AllentownBeth14 018

See the lady behind the car? Yep, a mannequin!

They have a cute place to eat, the Hub Cap Cafe. It was closed though. We may have tried it! It includes a replica of a 1950s soda fountain.

AllentownBeth14 062

AllentownBeth14 061

There were bikes and pedal cars too!

AllentownBeth14 020

Also Pee Wee Herman’s bike!

AllentownBeth14 066

AllentownBeth14 067

You can see some of the Pee Wee mannequinn too.

AllentownBeth14 022

This is just a fraction of the museum. It’s worth the drive!

We then decided to look for another museum, but the main drag for it was under construction. The geocaches we drove by were in very crowded parks, so we passed.

Part 2 soon to our trip to the trout nursery and Bethlehem.

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