Articulture-different look for the Phila. Flower show


This past Friday, on the 7th, Brian took me down to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show at the Convention center. I saw that Rachael Ray was going to make an appearance (at a flower show, thought that was interesting as she is known as a cook), and I wanted to see her. We had gotten tickets to see her show in NYC last fall, but couldn’t make it up there for the taping.

We drove in and parked in a nearby garage(there were cheaper ones, now we know). It was a chilly kind of day, nothing like last  year when I wore a sweater! My sinuses had been in an uproar and my legs were aching, but I was determined to see all I could.

PhillyFS14 010

I really like the lighting effects too! The stage was in this area where Rachael would sit and chat with Action News meteorologist Melissa Magee.

PhillyFS14 079

Brian was holding the camera over his head to take these shots!

Some of my favorite displays:

PhillyFS14 002

PhillyFS14 026

PhillyFS14 022

PhillyFS14 036

A pink tree!

PhillyFS14 035

Spheres casting interesting shadows! I like to not use the flash when I can.

PhillyFS14 029

Pretty combo of rose buds and pussywillow

PhillyFS14 040

Path made out of recycled newspapers!

PhillyFS14 048

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s art…a bowl!

PhillyFS14 050

A first prize winner

PhillyFS14 053

Pressed flowers and leaves Blue Ribbon winner inspired by Monet. So amazing!

PhillyFS14 058

PhillyFS14 061

Famous artists in caricature! Fun! Van Gogh, Dali, Warhol and Kahlo.

PhillyFS14 064

PhillyFS14 093

We went over to one of my favorite places in Philly to visit and eat and sat next to a couple of ladies who had been all through the flower show. We asked if there was anything we needed to see and they said the butterfly room!  So we went and it fascinating to see 100s of butterflies in one room. So many people had them sitting in their hair or on their hats.

PhillyFS14 092

PhillyFS14 098

A couple of a number of Andy Warhol’s works.

We always manage to miss things. I just wasn’t having the best day walking around. I think my sneakers are too tight and were bothering my legs. Time for some new ones.

Spring flowers too!

PhillyFS14 063

PhillyFS14 083


PhillyFS14 068

(0ne of my favorite shots-good one Brian!)

And cityscapes!

PhillyFS14 103

Next destination will be Longwood Gardens to see the orchid display!

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