Whirlwind daytrip to Annapolis and Hanover, MD


My son Sean started his new job on the 21st of this month and his birthday fell on the 24th. We always go out to dinner and headed to the Big Fish Grille when he and his dad got home from work. Third time there as we do like the food! Sean had 1/2 a stuffed lobster, Brian steak and me Lobster mac and cheese.


We also planned a little journey to Maryland. The trips we have taken down there have been on the most part enjoyable. We like to explore new areas that are within a few hours from home and Sean mentioned Annapolis. As an added surprise, I got us tickets to a Medieval dinner show which was about 1/2 hour from Annapolis in Arundel Mills in Hanover. We had to get to the show venue by 3:30.

The thing is, we left here at 10, got to Annapolis at 1 and sat in a crowded diner for 45 minutes. We ended up leaving for the show a little later as we walked around the town, down to the docks and into a store where we bought t-shirts. It also happen to be homecoming for the Naval Academy.

Here are some shots of this very historic town. It dates back to the 1600s!  Older than Philadelphia.

This is the first thing we saw. The stadium is near by and a game was starting.

Annapolis13 001

Annapolis13 009

The Maryland state house is indeed stately!

Annapolis13 017

Robert Johnson house

Annapolis13 022

The State house at a different angle

Annapolis13 025

This is an amazing structure! Look at the brick work!

Annapolis13 021

Annapolis13 028


Annapolis13 029

Governor Martin O’Malley’s residence! Not too shabby-it’s humongous!

Annapolis13 030

We walked down to the docks and there is a memorial for Kunta Kinte and writer Alex Haley from ‘Roots’. That was the big mini-series when I was in high school in the late 1970s!

Annapolis13 039

This is where slave ships came through. I will have to watch the beginning of ‘Roots’ again (I think it’s on Netflix).

Annapolis13 040

Annapolis13 050

Alex Haley sculpture with real kids climbing on the kid sculptures!


My favorite line from the movie!

Annapolis13 053

Annapolis13 044

Annapolis13 048

We had to find at least one geocache. I am mostly enjoying caching in new towns lately as we have found so many in this immediate area. We had to find ‘Fleet Street Park’ and passed this old home first:

Annapolis13 057

We didn’t check to see if any of these places were open. I think it would be wise to take a tour when you go to a historic places like this.

I did notice they do ghost tours-rats!

So we found the little park and Brian said if it’s not where I was sitting it has to be on something metal-bingo! That was a pretty quick find.

Annapolis13 062

We saw this bicycle mural and had fun with it!

Annapolis13 063

Annapolis13 064

Annapolis13 065

Found an alley way to the main drag where we got our t-shirts

Annapolis13 067

Then off to Hanover!

We got to the general area and it was crowded like Christmastime shopping! Totally crazy!! We drove around for 20 minutes before deciding to park in the casino there. It was a terrible walk to ‘the castle’, but we went through the mall-it was colossal!

We had to sit in the upper level, but I am pretty all the seats were good. Plus it was dusty lower down where the horses and knights were. There were different sections and we sat in the yellow section to root on the Yellow Knight, who was very cute!


I left the digital camera in the car, but have more on Instagram in the side bar.

Me toasting everyone!


We had to eat all our food with our fingers. We got soup (in a bowl with a handle), half a chicken, a spare rib, garlic toast, a singular potato wedge and an apple turnover.

On the way back to the car, both my knees were really bad. I just can’t handle all that walking. I was better than the parks, but wow, that was at least a mile or more of walking in a mall to the far end of the parking garage!

It would be neat to go back to Annapolis and see the naval academy and some museums. Also we need to pick a time when it’s not as busy.

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  1. There were different sections and we sat in the yellow section to root on the Yellow Knight, who was very cute.

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