Cooperstown-a big museum in a small town


I am definitely behind in my posts. October has proven to be super busy with us getting back from our travels, going back to work, cleaning up the  yard (not finished) and changing out my summer to winter clothes.

And Sean got a job in his field! He will be starting his GIS job with an insurance company out of New Jersey on the 21th. He will be there from 7 am to 3 pm.  This will be a big change for a night owl-but he’s been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time! He may have to move closer as it’s over an hour one way now. We’ll see how it goes.

So…..we decided to take a side trip on the way home to Cooperstown, NY to see the Baseball Museum and the Hall of Fame! It really was a  big trip in itself as took a while to get there from Niagara Falls. Since we decided to go on the boat ride and then got lunch, we arrived in the  rural Cooperstown area after dark. I think we missed seeing most of  the Otsego lake area that was recommended for us to see. The hotel was nice and we didn’t have much of a choice in restaurants at the time, so grabbed something from McD’s.

We packed up and headed for the town the next day after breakfast. The town is nestled in  foothills of the Adirondacks and Catskill mountains. We passed mile after mile of them with the fall foliage making them extra pretty.

Here is the main attraction!

Canada&NY2013 176

And the man who started it all, Abner Doubleday:

Canada&NY2013 181

We saw Doubleday field too! Got a geocache right near there too.

Canada&NY2013 268

(I’m always looking at my phone-the cache was over to the right, near the stadium, but not in it or anything).

So back to the museum:

They want you to see a little movie about the origins of baseball-it’s not that old now is it? A bit over a century. We were all singing ‘Take me out to the ball game’ at the end of the 10 minute movie.

Cute theater area-looked like an old timey baseball park

Canada&NY2013 179

It really is quite the place. We love our Phillies and there was plenty of memorabilia featuring them which was a thrill for us! There were seats from the old Vet’s stadium (torn down for the new Citizen’s Bank); a full size Phillies Phanatic mascot (behind glass); a locker; Schmidt’s, Hamel’s, Halladay’s, Rose’s and Carlton’s jerseys…..etc!

Canada&NY2013 217

Here is Sean (looking worn out) posing with some of our Phillies stuff.

Canada&NY2013 220

I have a copy of that newspaper in ‘my private collection’ thank you very much!


The new kids! You know we have been through thick and thin with our team. Didn’t have such a great season this year. We did see one game as a family which was awesome in the rain and all.


Lefty Carlton’s jersey, balls and plaque


Here’s a cute story…I work with preschoolers on Wednesday mornings and 4/5 yr olds on Thursday. I showed my pal Ryan (almost 5) the above jersey photo that I had on my phone. I said do you know who Cole Hamels is? He replied-like the most famous baseball player ever! So cute!

Canada&NY2013 233

The lighting wasn’t great for photos (I turned off the flash when I took photos, this is Brian’s) Sean is sitting in one of the seats from Vet’s stadium.

Canada&NY2013 234

I know, I know….it’s not all about the Phillies. We were truly amazed by this:

Canada&NY2013 199

Babe Ruth!

Not in this shot, but they had his last signature-he requested a program and signed it while he was laying in his death bed. 😦

Canada&NY2013 203

Jackie Robinson!

The movie ’42’ which is fairly new is very good!

Canada&NY2013 246

The World Series rings!

Canada&NY2013 248

The walkway to the Hall of Famers!

Canada&NY2013 255

Canada&NY2013 252

Canada&NY2013 254

A full size ‘wood’ carved Babe Ruth!

There was a section just for baseball movies.

I really loved ‘The Natural’ (1984) with Robert Redford. This is his jacket, hat, shoes and famous baseball bats!

Canada&NY2013 256And there is ‘no crying in baseball’-loved ‘A League of their Own’ also

Canada&NY2013 257

Geena Davis is skinny!

Then we looked around the outside of the museum and had lunch too!

Canada&NY2013 273

Canada&NY2013 272

Doubleday Field

The other night, ‘A League of their Own’ was coming on the tv and the beginning showed the old team coming to Cooperstown for a reunion.

Canada&NY2013 275

The guys got shirts (not from the museum, but from local stores). I got a few postcards of a few of the Hall of famers.

We did get to see the lake! Went to look for an ‘easy’ cache near a park and just didn’t read the clue right. We were so tired. When I get home, I look at the cache pages and logs again and now I think I know where the blasted cache was! Oh well.

Canada&NY2013 280

Pretty, right?

Canada&NY2013 278

We got to see almost the entire ‘Blue Route’ I-476, and let me tell you, there isn’t a lot to see at the top. We did find an I-Hop in Allentown, PA (gotta love GPS when you want breakfast food at 8 pm).

Our kitty boy was glad to see it, but it took him days to recover from us being away. He is getting older now.

It was a cool trip. It was miles and miles of the guys, mostly Brian driving. I was glad my back was pretty good, though I had another issue I am still contending with now.

The next thing we are doing is ‘probably’ going to Annapolis, MD around Sean’s birthday. There is a Medieval dinner event there that we are thinking about attending.

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