Horseshoe Falls and Skylon Tower


The next day in Niagara Falls, Sean wanted to use the water park at the hotel since they gave us access to it. He’s not a big pool person, but he enjoyed it for a little bit, even going down the super fast slide. Brian forgot his suit, so the two of us just watched and ate a quick lunch.

Canada&NY2013 062

Afterwards, we drove down to see Horseshoe Falls

What a spectacular wonder of nature!

Canada&NY2013 070

Really you need to see this! ย One off the bucket list!

Canada&NY2013 085

Canada&NY2013 087

Remember that boat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Canada&NY2013 097

Detail of the railing…very weathered!

Canada&NY2013 100

Nice welcome center-like a mini mall

Canada&NY2013 145

We had to find a plaque to get a Niagara Falls ‘virtual’ for

which was up a few flights of stairs. I got the shot above from there.

Canada&NY2013 141

Canada&NY2013 104

The American falls and the bridge to America

So we walked up and down here for a few hours and had decided to treat Sean to the restaurant over 500 feet off the ground-Skylon’s revolving restaurant!

Canada&NY2013 128

Some pretty landscaping near the falls

Canada&NY2013 132

Canada&NY2013 135

Canada&NY2013 156

Canada&NY2013 157

Brian and I had the prime rib


What a view of the falls and the area!

Canada&NY2013 160

Canada&NY2013 165

We went up to the very top observation deck which was very windy!


The elevator up!

Canada&NY2013 168

Canada&NY2013 169

They take you in front of a green screen before dinner. Sean bought these and we bought a few shots of us at the dinner table.



We went to the Fallsview Casino

Canada&NY2013 171

Canada&NY2013 172

So we blew $20, but Sean actually won $11! Big gamblers we are not!

There was a little shopping area, so I bought a few Christmas ornaments, body lotion by a Canadian company and a bottle of wine from the area.

We walked around the main area after dinner and did a little more shopping; we even to a Hershey store! We live a few hours from Hershey, PA. I saw a really neat tie-dye shirt with a Hershey kiss in the middle, had to have that for my collection. The chocolate is made up there and much sweeter and richer.

We also went to a grocery store to get a few things for breakfast too.

Next post will be about the Maid on the Mist!

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