Cruising up the New Jersey coast


Jerseycoast13 054

I thought I’d better get my blog entry for our middle of the August trip to Avalon, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle City, Strathmere and Ocean City, NJ  done to catch up! Just yesterday, Oprah Winfrey, her companion Stedman and her pal Gayle were in Stone Harbor! It’s really a nice, quiet resort area. Sean read where Stedman is from that area too. Perhaps they were visiting family! They sure drew a lot of attention.

So back to my post; we were looking for a place in New Jersey where we hadn’t stayed and ran across a nice looking hotel in Avalon. It was only one night, but we make the most of our trips, so we made a reservation.

It was right near a nice beach, but before 5 you needed a beach tag and they only gave us 2 of them. So we waited until after 5 as we were resting up anyway. When we were little kids, no one would stay on the beach after 3 and nowadays, there were a lot of people on the beach later on.

Jerseycoast13 027

Where we stayed. We had absolutely the best weather, no humidity and glorious sunshine!

Jerseycoast13 039

Jerseycoast13 034

There’s Sean there enjoying the waves

Before we checked in, we had some time to kill, so we headed down to Stone Harbor. Of course it was night and day compared to April when we had been there last! We stopped at the bird sanctuary like we did in April. It was indeed greener, but not much to see, only a few birds flew over.

Jerseycoast13 005

The hibiscus were pretty though

Jerseycoast13 004

We found a few caches along the way, like at the lifesaving station

Jerseycoast13 007

Jerseycoast13 008

See the cache!

Jerseycoast13 015

Jerseycoast13 016

The people near a cache had a sweet public garden.

Jerseycoast13 023There was a cache along this lovely sandy trail to the beach

Jerseycoast13 053

A kayak rider

Jerseycoast13 060The blimp made its way up the coast

That evening we hit a place for dinner where you sat on picnic tables and ate out of Styrofoam containers.  Linguine must be their specialty and the guys ordered that-way overpriced for what you get! I decided to try the shrimp salad-hello, where is a dinner portion of shrimp salad? Think I had one ice cream scoop of it. I don’t see what the attraction is as I was glad to get off that picnic bench. The place was really crowded. Guess we ordered the wrong thing.

I walked over 1/2 mile with a bad toe and back to find a cache on a walk way near the beach. It was no where to be found! Had to have Sean go get the car from the main drag of Avalon I was so wiped out!

Sean decided to drive to Sea Isle later by himself and woke Brian and me up when he got in! That usually does it for me if I am sound asleep and get woken up.

The next day we headed back to Stone Harbor and had Mack’s pizza. Now that was delicious! We looked for a cache near a gazebo and just couldn’t locate it. There was a cache at the same place in April, but now it was moved because of the storm damage.

Jerseycoast13 089

Sean decided to dip his toes in the Atlantic and he was not disappointed!

Jerseycoast13 091

We then headed to Sea Isle City. We mainly found a cache here and went to James’ Saltwater Taffy!

Jerseycoast13 103

Jerseycoast13 104

We stopped at Strathmere to get a ‘virtual cache’ called ‘Beach of Dreams’.  The person who put this here lost his house and just keeps adding ornaments to the area.

Jerseycoast13 116

Jerseycoast13 125

Jerseycoast13 124

Just got a Stone Harbor tie-dyed shirt too! Tie dye was never this nice when I was younger.

Our final stop was Ocean City. It was pretty crowded. Sean took a walk up the boards. I had my broken toe, so I had to be careful walking too much. The Crocs really saved me!

We bought ice cream cones and found one more cache in a hotel before we left. The assistant manager is a cacher and came out and gave me a travel bug to pass along. I went back to the car and retrieved some nice swag for his cache.

Jerseycoast13 129

Jerseycoast13 136

Jerseycoast13 133

So we just couldn’t leave New Jersey and go home, no we had to stop at Smithville Village, a quaint place with little shops and restaurants. We needed to eat dinner and we all chose breakfast food. It was getting late and it was going to close. There were a few caches there as well.  The first cache was near a gazebo. We looked and looked. Had trouble with those kind before. I even went into the cheese shop and asked the sales person and he looked at me cross-eyed.

The other one was across the street in an old cemetery. I had Sean try and lead us. We walked all over a parking lot, but I said I think we should go down the road a bit. Yes, there it was. The cache was suppose to be in a little wooded spot behind the cemetery. We found a nice pile of wood and took it apart-no cache! It was getting dark and the mosquitoes were bad, so we left.

Here are a few shots of Smithville

Jerseycoast13 145

Jerseycoast13 151

Jerseycoast13 155

Jerseycoast13 159

The end

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  1. You have been stomping around my home towns I grown up in southern NJ gloucester ,salem, ocean, atlantic and cumberland counties. Recently move from Kirkwood, pa back to maine. Hand and Stone in Kennett Square is my favorite place. miss that.

  2. Oh Ps next time go down rt 55 to Millville exit turn right go pass mall about 1 mile is turns for Wheaton Village and Glass museum. fun place to spend the day.

  3. How about that Darlene! We’ve been to Wheaton Village and glass museum, but not lately. Worth a visit again! We buy most of our garden plants in Kirkwood, PA from Groff’s! Small world.

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