A little more on the gardens of Chanticleer


I can’t believe how behind I am in my blog!  The Chanticleer walk was before I broke my toe and I have so many more photos to share. By the way, my toe is better, though feels like a peanut instead of a toe at this moment. Another time, my son drove me up to Reading, Pa and we saw the pagoda on Mt. Penn in the daylight and at night. What a cool structure and what a view of Reading! Next post on that.

Then the three of us went to Avalon, NJ for overnight-but we make the most of the two days we travel as we also saw Stone Harbor, Sea Isle City, Strathmere, Ocean City and Smithville Village.

So looking back at Chanticleer in Wayne, PA. We wound around and went up to the main home with its big patio and pool! It was an amazing pool. We also met an older couple who came from Doylestown, PA to see these gardens and they also went to Longwood Gardens. We enjoyed chatting with them.

Chanticleer13 086

There I am resting up in ‘the ruins’ that over looks the lovely ponds from my previous posts.

Chanticleer13 101

We wanted to get up to that house. That’s a big hill! But we found paths in the wooded area to the left.

Chanticleer13 105

These were interesting gardens of what I think is cabbage and kale, but it was very aromatic!

Chanticleer13 109

There were interesting drinking fountains where the water that you didn’t drink flowed out of the bottom.  I was walking toward another fountain and one of those pavers were missing and I tripped. I sure have problems this way.

Chanticleer13 117

A pretty sitting area near the Asian inspired ‘rest’ spot

Chanticleer13 111

Chanticleer13 118

There were neat Adirondack chairs all over. The field of ornamental grass was unusual.

Chanticleer13 119

These are ‘the ruins’. Not really ruins, made to look like them.

Chanticleer13 120

We saw this neat fountain table there

Chanticleer13 122

Chanticleer13 126

Chanticleer13 129

Definitely the middle of the summer gardens.

Chanticleer13 136

Lots of swallowtails!

We are getting nearer the main home now!

Chanticleer13 137

Chanticleer13 139

Wow, it’s even interesting from the side!

Chanticleer13 142What a view from that house!

Chanticleer13 146

Oh my word, it’s paradise!

Chanticleer13 150

Chanticleer13 152

Brian found one of the many roosters or Chanticleers.

Chanticleer13 153

Do you see another rooster?

Chanticleer13 154

Chanticleer13 155

I love the purple Persian Shield with the chartreuse!

Chanticleer13 163This looks like a nice spot to read

Chanticleer13 167The front of the house.

It was a nice walk around there. I’d like to see it in spring and fall too!

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