Second Chocolate town of Pennsylvania


Back on July 24th (I know, I am behind all the time lately), Brian and I took  drive up to Lititz, PA. It’s closer than the other chocolate town of Hershey, PA., but to me it smells very delicious right outside of the Wilbur Chocolate Factory. It smells like mom’s kitchen, or my kitchen or even your kitchen when you are baking a chocolate cake. Really!
Wilbur Chocolate factory, Lititz, Pa

It’s not the prettiest building, but is sure smells nicer than Hershey which has more of a bitter chocolate smell.

I have lots of photos to share, but one complaint-they need a public bathroom as we both were uncomfortable the entire time we were in this factory! That big building doesn’t offer us a place to go after a long trip! They make you go to the nearby train station, which we did, and although it wasn’t closing time, it was locked up tight. We ended up doing a quick look at the museum and store. Yep, it’s very tempting to buy stuff there.

Lititz13 019

Excuse me, I have to go……you know….but too bad. Thanks Wilbur.

Lititz13 026

Part of the Wilbur museum with lots of goodies like molds, scales, pots and pans.

Lititz13 027

Chocolate molds

Lititz13 031

Cocoa tins

Lititz13 038

Look who visited here in 2008!

Lititz13 039

Lititz13 042

Cocoa pots

Lititz13 047

Candy Bar Wrappers

Lititz13 049

That’s the train station there

We then headed across the street to the Tomato Pie Cafe

What lead us to Lititz was the little show on after the local news and they went to both Wilbur’s and the Cafe.

Finally a rest stop! Thanks! ; )

Lititz13 057

I’m always looking at my phone!

Lititz13 059

I did get their famous tomato pie with a salad and Brian had a panini. We had to wait a while for these light dinners as the waitress said they were entertaining a big party-I saw a table of 8 or so. The sweet waitress was from Minnesota and had a summer job there. She also attends the university there, same as my friend’s two daughters. Small world.

We did a little cache hunting too-a few before Lititz and a few on the way home.

My pal Jenn showed me a cute cottage she had found on the internet that wasn’t too far from our house. We decided to check it out over in Atglen before the trip to the factory. It was down a gravel road. Read later you can rent it for under $200 a night.

Lititz13 016

Lititz13 002This was for storage and trash-I looked!

Lititz13 005

Lititz13 006

Lititz13 009

Behind the cottage. This quaint place was built by French settlers in the middle 1700s.

A personal note from me-a few days ago, I got up and it was rainy and dark. Our upright vacuum doesn’t stay up well and it had slid down and I got my left pinkie toe stuck under the wheel and pretty sure I broke it! It was really painful. I have it soaking now. Of course the Geocaching challenge is on for the month of August to find 31 caches-one a day. We managed to get 3-while I watched Brian would retrieve them. We looked for at least 9, didn’t find the location nice enough for him to go sliding down a hill, etc. The GPS went out! I should ‘really’ let him use the GPS on my phone more as he was having problems with it. I doubt we’ll get all the days, but it will be interesting and exhausting to try to find them!


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  1. That looks like a fun outing, Dianne. I think it would be fun to rent that cottage. I chuckled to myself when u said u looked in that outhouse – like building to see what was there! Still LOL.

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