Figuring out the coordinates and getting the prize!


Yesterday Brian and I were off to do our bimonthly food run. We have a few stores we like, but we decided to go to the one up in Gap, PA. They had some ‘buy one get one free’ items and I think they alone were worth the trip. But first, we did a little geocaching! I map out where I want to go and at the top of the list was a hilly Lancaster cemetery and a Garden for the 5 senses in a Lancaster Park.

We drove through Strasberg first to the railroad museum. Brian found this cache quite quickly as and he continued his streak for a few more caches.

Here are a few photos from the first part of our day:


This sweetie came over to say ‘hi’ when we stopped at an Amish nursery.


The cache was a nano on the other side. A nano is tiny and I am surprised I found it!

We stopped near this rusty train at a restaurant down the hill for lunch. Then we were off to the cemetery!

This is large, hilly Greenwood cemetery. The roads were awfully rutted.


There were 3 caches by the same person, but all different! The first was near an unusual family monument.


I’ll have to look up info about this family

The second find was a fake rock. First one of those we have found, but we have looked for a few more!

But this cache was near a mausoleum that is bigger than many homes!

Lancaster_613 005

Lancaster_613 006

From the logs, I think it was a Civil War person’s final resting spot.

 This mausoleum was built in 1910. Adorned with two Egyptian structures at the doors, the mausoleum is one of the most attractive elements of the cemetery.

So maybe this is an option to be put in here!

We were the only ones in there except for birds that seemed to be everywhere!

We then headed to the Garden of Five Senses in Lancaster County Park.

This was a virtual cache, so you had to answer questions about the garden and email them to the cache owner. No problem!

Pretty hand made waterfall, ponds and streams

Lancaster_613 012

Lancaster_613 011

Lancaster_613 013

Lancaster_613 017

So we left here and instead of going grocery shopping, I saw a multi-cache that sounded really interesting. It concerned the first landowners of Lancaster. We went to a church and I found the stone with their names and how many acres they owned. I had to plug certain numbers into new coords for the final cache.

Lancaster_613 018

Gorgeous view of mile after mile of farmland

Lancaster_613 023

Lancaster_613 025

Landowner plaque

Lancaster_613 026

The next step was to find this teeny tiny cemetery. At first I thought driving around would help the compass match up this the new coords. We went around in a circle! I then reread the description and we were to find this place:


I did a ‘google’ search and found a link! It was ‘Find a Grave’ and they had a tiny map on the cover page. We had to find a road at an intersection between two major roads in Lampeter township. First we drove up the main road. We turned around. I said to try the next road on the right. Lo and behold, I saw the graveyard! We turned around and parked on the side of the road. We walked across the tiny graveyard and the west readings were right. We went back to the other side and there was a stone wall. We poked around that a bit and then I walked over to the road near this sign. I peeked under a rock near the telephone pole and spotted the cache! I was woo hooing in the cornfield! Right when we signed the cache, a little Amish boy and girl came down the road with a pony and cart. They went around our car and went back up the road. Guess they were doing their own version of ‘joy riding’. Too cute.

We did stop at a Stone Mill at the same time this guy and little boy stopped. I had an inkling that they may be geocaching. We went around the back to front and right as we rounded the corner, the guy was signing the log! We chatted a bit and he was a newbie. Said he never met other cachers before us.

We did get to the grocery store going on 8 pm, with no dinner and power shopped. We ate some sandwiches we bought when we got home (about half each).

We found a total of 10 caches on the beautiful day we had yesterday. Glad to see the friendly Amish lady who sells flowers (I brought her a bag of plastic pots and trays). Glad to see the  scenery of this pretty nearby county.

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  1. Nice! We’re actually going that way in a few minutes to the Sight and Sound theatre to watch Noah. Looking forward to getting out near the countryside!

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