Exploring Philadelphia


When Brian, my brother and I went to the Flower Show, Brian and I decided to look for a geocache nearby. Now remember, it was busy and wow, was the GPS bouncy. We walked down the block and there was a beautiful Methodist church shrouded my modern buildings.:

PhillyFlowerS13 089

Who is that lady with the pigtail? ; )

The church is on the left

PhillyFlowerS13 092

Incidentally, Brian was having sun issues and some of his shots are a little cock-eyed. And see that sign, we should have read that better.

PhillyFlowerS13 095

PhillyFlowerS13 102

Lo and behold, there was City Hall too! I haven’t been to this side of the Hall in years.

PhillyFlowerS13 099

There is Billy Penn up there. He was once on the tallest building until a modern skyscraper was built which is also said to end the winning streak of our sports’ teams.  This was proven false as the Phillies won the World Series back in 2008. We are waiting on the Eagles to win their first Super Bowl and a Flyers win (since the 70s) would be nice.

PhillyFlowerS13 107

Here’s a nice area where people can sit near City Hall.

In actually, we were looking for this building which is the other way on Broad St.

PhillyFlowerS13 108

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

And we were looking for the geocache called ‘The Painted Torch’-now how could we not see this from where we were?

PhillyFlowerS13 109

The cache was suppose to be on the south side of some platform, but the ‘hint’ part of the page refused to come up on the GPS until we were a block away again. They say it looks neat at night as it’s lit up.

PhillyFlowerS13 110

This was interesting and being used for something. You will never guess what!

PhillyFlowerS13 111

It’s a greenhouse!

PhillyFlowerS13 115

PhillyFlowerS13 116I had Brian pose too!

PhillyFlowerS13 117

PhillyFlowerS13 119

I always say it sure is fun to find a geocache, but it’s all in the search and seeing something new or unique which we did on Sunday. Can’t wait to go down again and find the blasted keybox and snag a few more within that area.

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