Brilliant! A look at the 2013 Philly Flower Show


My brother asked if I wanted to go to the Flower Show down in Philly this year and I said fine, but I wanted Brian to come along too. We were going to take the train down from my hometown, but we would have a half hour wait and it would be 2 pm by the time we got there and it was only open until 6 pm as it was Sunday. Brian drove in and did a good job. We decided to look around a bit before heading to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch.

The theme revolved around jolly good England. One reason I wanted to see it!

PhillyFlowerS13 001

This was a banner around a pole!

PhillyFlowerS13 006This was at the entrance to the show

PhillyFlowerS13 009

I  liked this 1960s themed ‘Love’ exhibit. See the saxophones near the drum for a fountain? I see Foxgloves in the front.

PhillyFlowerS13 011

PhillyFlowerS13 017

This was a pretty scene

PhillyFlowerS13 024

This wasn’t one of our favorites, but seems we missed a few exhibits. My mom went with a friend and forget to remind us to check out a very popular ‘Jack the Ripper’ one. I don’t care for the theme anyway, but people waited in line to see the bed of thorny branches, roses and red lights.  Photo from the internet…


From the internet, Mad Hatter’s tea party, one we missed.


PhillyFlowerS13 032

Love the cloches!

PhillyFlowerS13 036

PhillyFlowerS13 030

Cool chair

PhillyFlowerS13 046

Big Ben was the centerpiece of the show, told the real time and played neat videos throughout the day. We heard Keith Harkin from ‘Celtic Thunder’ sing a few songs too. He reminds me of Kenny Loggins.

PhillyFlowerS13 054

This was my favorite umbrella display ‘Let it Be’ were on the raindrops.

Looking through a porthole of the Yellow Submarine. All yellow flowers!


PhillyFlowerS13 063

A robe made out of flowers

PhillyFlowerS13 067

Throne of roses

PhillyFlowerS13 073

Handmade Crown Jewels

PhillyFlowerS13 083


PhillyFlowerS13 078

We liked the hanging lights and things

So, one of the things you could do was to make a ‘fascinator’, you know the little hats or hair pieces like the ladies wear to weddings, etc. You have to remember Princess Beatrice’s ‘toilet seat’ one she wore to her cousin William’s wedding. So I decided to make one and was one of the last ones to walk in the door. There was kind of slim pickings and no headbands, so I will fix mine up a bit and take another photo of me! I clipped it in my ponytail!

PhillyFlowerS13 121

And a cute shot of Brian and me that Don took.

PhillyFlowerS13 132

My next post will be of some surrounding buildings near the Convention center.

We did go to the Reading Terminal Market for a late lunch. Our old standby place wasn’t that good this year-the cheesesteaks around here are much better. Perhaps it was slinging the hash out too fast-quantity vs. quality. I should have sent it back. Believe it or not, there was a geocache in this busy place! We got to near GZ and there were tons of people sitting eating. From the logs, it sounded like it was near a metal pole in the middle of the tables. I couldn’t very well climb over people to look for a geocache. We will be going down again, during the week and hopefully hit a few caches in that area. We didn’t find another one around the corner either. My GPS would not bring up the hint until we were halfway back to the center again! Darn. I did suffer with my hips and knee. Been kind of lounging today. The doctor returned my Friday call and I am to get 100 mg of the meds for daytime and 300-400 for night time so I sleep better. Maybe I will lose the bags under my eyes!

Here’s the pig in the market where the cache was near.


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