Colonial cache hunting


On Tuesday I went to the rheumatologist, a young lady doctor. I brought all the past papers I had from blood work to a CD with x-rays. She asked a lot of questions, looked at my hands and knee and said that I had osteoarthritis. This was causing me to be so fatigued after doing tasks that were just part of my everyday routine only a short time ago. She prescribed a medicine which I tried for the first time last night. I slept 4 straight hours which is a record for me lately. But I have been very foggy today and my eyes are bothering me. I am to try it 4 nights in a row to see if I can tolerate it for the daytime. I love doctors that give you $90 medicine ‘to try’. We are lucky to have the keyring app on my phone and we only paid $17, but still that isn’t cheap. I did do 3 miles on the bike today! That helped perk me up a bit.

Brian had gone with me to the doctor and we went and grabbed a sandwich to split before going on a bit of a cache hunt out near where Brian grew up.

I’m not crazy about caching in high traffic areas. People wonder what you are doing, especially the security guards driving around the shopping centers!

The first cache was in a little park near where a railroad use to go through. We had a little climbing to do and we saw a few old wooden rails. Brian finally saw the little box under a fake rail!


The next cache was an area where an old tavern once stood. We were to park near one of those big electrical towers. Now in the summer time this will be all overgrown. We went to where the cache was suppose to be and saw some trash ‘and’ a discarded VHS tape. I thought Brian had checked it, but alas he hadn’t. If we can’t find a cache, I come home and look on the site at the location via satellite where the cache was and we were right there. Maybe it was the tape!

The next one had us driving in circles around a shopping center. The Colonial buildings were sitting right near the road and we were driving past them-we had seen them many, many times before and never stopped to look at them. We saw the Whitford Lodge when we got out of the car:


I believe there is a printing firm on 1st floor now.

The cache was a walk through the parking lot to a gully, up the gully and under a tree-pretty easy compared to the last one!

We then went to the next shopping center where another cache was. This is the Zook house as you can see. I read up on it (couldn’t find info on the place above) and the Zook family lived there for a number of decades. It had to be moved so they could build the mall! I really like this photo with the sign and shadow of the tree showing on the house.


The cache here was near a stream, but down the hill. But we didn’t see it.  Actually Brian didn’t see it as I didn’t go down the hill. With the mall traffic, I think this one probably goes missing a lot.

We use to go to the next place when we were kids. I use to live out this way until we moved to Delaware County when I was 4. Brian grew up out this way, but down the road from me. We never met until we grew up!

Right near the Zook house was the building that use to be The Guernsey Cow. We use to stop here and get the creamiest ice cream ever! Now it’s a DNB Bank

This is the back


This is the front-appears to be about 1959 or so from the cars…


We then went to another shopping center and found a few caches and had tacos at ‘On the Border’.

I wanted to look for ‘just one more’ near a bus stop at the shopping center for a magnetic cache, but I couldn’t find it in the dark.

There are a few more Colonial caches to find, but we ran out of light…some other time.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to the Phila. Flower show after all! I just can’t take one of those pills or I won’t appreciate it.

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