How can there be Christmas this year?


With the events of the 14th, I just couldn’t turn on the tree or lights yesterday. It didn’t seem right that I was enjoying my Christmas tree and 20 little children weren’t enjoying their holiday excitement.   I don’t know how many more places will be rampaged by those who get their hands on guns.  The 2nd Amendment is about militia-time to get real with that.

This lovely young lady was protecting her students



On a personal level, I went out in the car on Tuesday and Wednesday-set me back a bit. I have been trying to do things which leads to more discomfort. Last night was really bad. I had been sitting on a cushion Brian’s dad sent over and when I got up, the pain was excruciating. I took a pain pill (I wasn’t given many, so watch how many I take) and it took 2.5 hours to kick in. I was feeling  blah all day and reviewed about taking Aleve with my hbp medicine and it’s not advised. All during the night, I made sure I stayed off my right side and iced it. Not good sleep, but less pain. It’s still hurting, so I have to figure out what to do. I’ll take it easy today, but our insurance isn’t paying for hardly anything! Says I have a ‘pre-existing condition’. Doesn’t seem fair that we are paying out of pocket every month and not getting help. I think the insurance kicks in after a year (May), but too bad if you have an issue before that.  My GP tried to get the insurance to pay for my September visit, but alas, got a bill in the mail yesterday.


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  1. It certainly was a horrific day in history yesterday and even though it’s terrible any time of year, having it happen just a week before Christmas makes it so much worse it seems. My heart has been so heavy since I heard the news but you know what? I did turn on the lights on my tree and to me, every light represented one of these children and adults who lost their lives yesterday…may their spirits shine bright always!!!

    Oh, Dianne, I can’t get over you’re still in that much pain:-( I was hoping that something could be done for you and yes, it doesn’t help at all when insurance doesn’t pay for some of the bills! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!

    Thank you for the beautiful Christmas postcard, such a wonderful picture of you and Brian:-) xoxo

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