Christmas Tree 2012


I was really happy to start on our tree Friday night. I knew I wanted my ‘natural’ ornaments, pine cones, birds, mushrooms with a touch of red, white, silver and gold. The tree is so well lit (never had this kind of tree before) that I knew the ornaments would help take down the brightness. Today I looked in a newer box of things and there were red cardinals and red see-thru balls. I had put a few of our 20+ year old red balls up. This particular photo had to be lightened up.

Christmas12 008

There are hearts and butterflies too. I happen to love the snowball and wish I had many more! I always add my winking moon (gold at the top), Sean’s photos from school (the few that he made), and a gold flat Santa and his sleigh. The branches have tinsel in them! This is the tree we found at the Habitat for Humanity store last week for under $40. I’m very pleased with it.

And this is my cross-stitched ornament feather tree. It’s pretty full!

Christmas12 012

And I can’t forget to tell you that our new sofa and chair came yesterday! They are really nice, but the sofa has some defects! It’s suppose to be brand new! We called the salesman right away and he said the indentation on one arm and the wrinkles in the ‘leather’ (not all leather) were from shipping. We are still waiting on the indentation to go away-but  it hasn’t. It feels like there isn’t enough foam.

What do you think?

sofa 003

Here’s a side shot not showing the arms


The big pillows are the back of the sofa! That’s nice as you can arrange them and fluff them.

And what I am sitting on now:


That’s an old pillow.

So, hopefully if we live with that dent, he better know some $$ off of the price. I really think we should get another sofa. Too bad stuff like this has to happen.

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