PT…hope it’s the right thing for me


Just to let you know, I went to my first physical therapy session. I was in a communal waiting room and no one came for me after 20 minutes. I go back to the  desk and they said I should have gone right in the PT room. No one said to do this. Felt like I started off on the wrong foot there-yes, a pun. I had gone geocaching in the late afternoon on Sunday, went down a hill a little fast and felt something pull in my other hip. I told the PT this and it didn’t seem to phase her. I spent most of the time on my tummy. They put heat on my back first-nice. Then I did a few exercise with my legs. Then she made me do 3 sets of upper body push ups and asked me to do another, which I refused. Well, since yesterday I have been totally miserable! I can hardly move around without shooting pain in my right hip! I called the office today and the receptionist said the PT said I needed to be re-evaluated or to go to the doctor. I asked if I should stop with the exercises and she said only if it made me feel worse-yes! Why would I call? I did try them again and Brian went to pull me up and I was in terrible pain! I decided to call out at the school tomorrow. That stinks as it’s only once a week, but I can’t do anything remotely associated with leaning over to help the kiddos. I am losing pay for pushing myself so much.

So… I think I should have been eased into these exercises. I told the PT about having Lyme Disease and assorted aches and pains for years (14 now). She told me the only thing that will help me are the push ups. I am finding sitting in the old desk chair does help, but doing those exercises messed with my right side.

I tried to put more of my autumn things away, and that’s almost taken care of. At least the tree is up and when the ornament boxes come out of the basement, I can get help with decorating it. I can’t even think about making cookies or wrapping gifts. : (

I was alarmed to hear that about a week ago,  someone shot a rifle very close to our house and bullets went through a house about 1/2 mile away missing someone and hitting their wedding photo. It was the start of hunting season, yet there are ‘no hunting’ signs posted and most of the area around us is private property. Even my 82 yr old neighbor still uses a gun right next door.  We heard him that day too and saw a deer hanging from a tree in front of his property the next day or so.  Many years ago, People magazine had an article about a young mother with twins who happened to be out in her yard (probably like this yard) and she was wearing big white mittens that resembled a deer tail. A hunter in the woods saw her raise her hand and thought it was a deer and shot, killing her. Now tell me, if it’s not an arranged hunt, who has the business of almost taking a person’s life like what happened last week or taking the life of a mom whose children never got to know her for  a blood sport?

I was out in the yard today and heard rustling up the hill-deer were running away. I yelled to them, ‘I just saved your life!’
Close-up of Blue Spruce munching deer

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