It’s been a long week


I just want to get this kind of post out of the way as I sure don’t want people to think I actually ‘want’ to post about this kind of stuff. I decided to get some testing out of the way this week. Tuesday I went for blood work ordered by the doctor in September for last month. Then I went to the school and will have off until the 28th. I am still trying to get the place in shape for Thanksgiving. I then had my yearly mammogram yesterday. It was an hour wait for that which was crazy. I also called my regular doctor and said I’d really like to get checked out for this hip and back pain. The receptionist said she thought I should just got to a orthopedist and suggested a place across from that office. I was able to go there today. They took an x-ray of my hips, but I had told them I had lumbar (spine) x-rays at the beginning of October. So I have arthritis in my back and hips and they suggest I try physical therapy for a month. I can’t take Advil and anti-inflammatories or a prescription medicine, so I’m stuck with taking Tylenol. If the physical therapy doesn’t work, maybe they will give me something stronger. I really tried to up the exercise this summer and I think it helped me in a lot of ways. But since I have Lyme Disease, it had sped up my other problems. When the PA checked off sciatica on my chart, I wanted to cry. That’s what my mom has been suffering with for about 9 years.  I don’t plan to give up my geocaching, but I sure need help with stuff around that house that requires a lot of leaning over. Getting up from a sitting position or from lying down is like a knife in my back. Not fun in the middle of the night.

I’m not going to talk that much about it, but that’s what’s going on with me. I will give you updates on my physical therapy to let you know if it is helping.

Brian and I took a little drive to try to be ‘first to find’ at a cache near a cave on the PA/DE border. We saw the cave and then had to walk through rocks and leaves to get to the cache location. I did pretty darn good! We get up there and I open the log and two other people had been there (as a couple) before us! They have thousands of caches too. Darn them! I had to use the navigator and my  camera battery ran down, so I couldn’t take many photos except of the caches. Bummer. Streams, waterfalls, a covered bridge-I’ll be back.

We went to a gourmet pizza place next. We were served lukewarm pizza as I think the waitress let it sit there a bit. She took it back and it wasn’t that much warmer when we got it back. We found a few shopping center caches, one we had looked for before and I had gotten a hint on. The next one was a bit trickier as it looked like an abandoned beer cap-but the little container was underneath it. Fun stuff.

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