Happy Birthday Sean


Wow, Sean is 26 today! I can’t believe all those years have gone by. I scanned a few of my favorite photos and the years seem to melt away if just for a short while.

It’s nice to share special times with him. These are also of him and his Mom-mom Jeanne and Girlfriend Mary.

Love this shot from Virginia Beach this past summer.

I will him luck and happiness always.

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  1. Happy Birthday Sean, I feel like I know you from reading all of your Mom’s blogs about the cool and fun trips and activities you do. And between you and me….your girlfriend is HOT! Way to go buddy! Hope you have a happy day and many more!

  2. I love all these pictures of him, especially the ones of you and him…hard to believe we were ever that young, isn’t it! lol He’s grown into such a fine young man and you have every reason to be proud of him…good job, mom & dad:-) His girlfriend is really cute, I hope it works out for them!! All the very best to you Sean!! xoxo

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