New Hope evening


After we walked around the woods and found the Doylestown cache, we headed over to quaint Peddler’s Village. It was a bit late and many of the stores were closing. I noticed that the scrapbook store I really liked is gone. They had really nice things. : (

There were some cute scarecrows…

See the moon over his shoulder?

Pretty shop windows too

Since we didn’t need to eat, we went a few miles down the road to New Hope. I really love this area and it’s extra neat at night.

This is for rent.

The Delaware River looking toward Lambertville, NJ

We are so proud of ourselves as we found two nano caches in the dark.

One was on a cannon! Brian finally located that one. We felt much better finding these after the lady found the one on the bench earlier in the day.

It was on the bottom between the wheels. The log was full.

The other one was by a chance drive by. We were looking for a little restaurant recommended by a guy at the book store and I had the geocaching site on the phone…saw the Duck sign crossing one, got the compass up and it counted down. I hopped out of the car, looked good and then saw it near the top of the sign on the back post-lol. Another full log!

We headed home and stopped in a diner for a quick bite. I had breakfast food and Brian had a prime rib wrap. It was what I felt like eating after having the chicken salad sandwich on the big roll.

So our in pronto trip was pretty full and we got some awesome shots too.

Out the car window

Mosaic steps at Font Hill

Carriage rides at the Pumpkinfest (Font Hill)

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  1. Oh wow, I want to rent that house!!! I guess I need to win the lottery first, though! lol Such gorgeous areas you got to visit again due to geocaching…love it!! Good for you for being able to find 2 nano caches in the dark, quite the feat:-) On Tuesday I found 6 caches so I’m now at 501…was great reaching my 500th cache!! Loved looking at all your pictures. xoxo

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