Bucks County Scenic Adventure Part 1


I am so lucky to be married to a guy who will pretty much take me on little trips at the drop of a hat. Saturday night I was saying I’d love to see if the leaves were changing up a few counties over and he said we could certainly take a drive up. It’s about 60 miles one way. I have an ulterior motive now- to do a little caching. Unfortunately, I had done a little housework on Saturday and we didn’t get moving until after 12. We ate lunch at 2:45 in  Doylestown. If you know singer Pink, she is from here. We looked in a few stores and I bought a few things here and there. Then the photos and a cache or two.

The perfect clear day for my camera phone, but we had the Canon with us too.

Aren’t these great old buildings?

So then we started to look for a cache. And we looked around two black benches, a water fountain, a sign and this mosaic wall (which would have been a perfect place for a nano!)

See those little cubbies-come on! : )

Anyway we are looking here and a couple of women pop there heads over the wall above-this is a lower level. We must have looked like obvious cachers as the older one asked if we were geocaching! Rats-lol I have to live up to my new name of ExMuggleDCC.

I told them it was down here somewhere. The younger lady almost goes right to the second bench we looked at and found it right away! Bri is suppose to be good at nanos. They signed it and walked away and then I signed it. Getting it rolled up again took 10 minutes!

Can you see her name is COL-wow, that’s the first three letters of our last name!

We then hopped in the car and went to Font Hill, where pottery and mosaics are made. We’ve been to Mercer Museum, on this same property a few times over the years. If you ever go to this area-Mercer is loaded from the ceiling down with American artifacts. There was a Pumpkinfest going on here too, so that was a bit of a pain. We looked around the gift shop area of Font Hill and then went to find a cache in the woods nearby. Brian outdid himself with the photos-good job!

I look like a woman on a mission! I was in the totally wrong spot. It took a good half hour to pinpoint this cache. The hint said it was in a stump….it was under a fallen tree!

Not hidden too well, I fixed that. Hee hee.

We headed on over to New Hope next, but I’ll post more tomorrow.

I went to my 3rd chiropractic visit. We are going to try and work out a payment plan as it’s way too expensive to pay what they want each time. He thinks my left leg doesn’t look as short, so we’ll see.

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    It sounds like you have a great husband, just as I do! What beautiful buildings you have in your part of the globe. Looks like you and Brian had another fun day!

  2. I’m loving all the places that caching is bringing you to:-) I didn’t realize that Pink was from there, how cool!! Such a beautiful area and I love those grand old buildings. That’s the only thing about nano caches, it’s harder rolling the log back up than anything else! lol Aren’t the trails glorious at this time of year, I so enjoy walking on all those leaves and I find caching much easier when the trees are bare, you can see more:-)

    Glad to hear the chiropractor sessions seem to be helping!! xoxo

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