Archie’s Corner


Since we weren’t in a rush yesterday, Brian and I did a few geocaches in the area of the chiropractor. The first one was near an entrance ramp to Rt. 1. The clues said ‘how cute’ the container was…saw nothing but what I think were crab apples and overgrown weeds, a bottle and a broken up electronics piece. I asked the cache owner about it and he said to make sure we look ‘low enough’. I’m thinking we need to look better under one of the electric boxes. We found a few others too. One near a park that is next to the hospital where I had my gallbladder out 25 yrs ago. I started to think about how much I missed my little 9 month old boy and my eyes got wet. I was in there a whole week!

We went down to my hometown and took mom to the grocery store and to say she needed everything is an understatement! Glad to help her. Brian had helped three people at the store last week, nice guy!

I ‘finally’ got to see what ‘Archie’s Corner’ was all about. It’s down a side road off of Rt. 1. It’s the sight of a former school built way back in 1838.

Cemetery notes and/or description:
Per the 1937 WPA Survey w/map, this cemetery was surveyed under the name of Ebenezer Independent M.E. Church & Graveyard (Colored). There were 79 known graves at that time, the majority of them illegible or marked with a plant, stone, field stone, cement block, wooden marker, cement cross, rosebush, or concrete block.

This is rather sad looking. Around the corner from us is black cemetery over a century old. I believe it was an Eagle Scout or troop project to fix our neighboring cemetery up and it looks really nice. I wanted to put a geocache there, but the road is a bit dangerous and a lady at the preserve office said they like to keep it private.

So back to Archie’s Corner-it’s named for the first ordained preacher, Lydia Archie.

The little school house is about as big as a 12′ in diameter bedroom.

The hint was it was in a corner. We actually looked at GZ, but as you can see it was getting dark. We looked one more time and Brian saw it wedged in the corner near the stone wall. He had a heck of a time getting it open too.

Not much in the box, but since it’s about 10 minutes from here, I can surely go back and add stuff. I took the little duck in the above photo. I would like to drop a travel bug in there too.

Instagram is so popular, I made one of the quarter moon last night. I swear there are owls in that one tree.

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  1. Yup, I would certainly go back to that one you couldn’t find and look under the electrical boxes, it’s most probably there.

    I love it when geocaching brings us to old ruins like that, I’ve found some here that I never knew existed until I went there to find a cache. It sure does suck when the containers don’t have anything in them or just junk…like you, I often add a bunch of stuff to them to make it worthwhile for the next cachers. Unfortunately some cachers take everything while not leaving anything in return.

    So thrilled that you and Brian are having so much fun with this:-) xoxo

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