Take the time


Today was the funeral of my high school pal John’s mom. If I ever met Mrs. D., it was probably an occasion like graduation, but I have a feeling we never spoke. Over the last 4 years or so, I’ve gotten to know John and his family and felt like I needed to go and let them know we appreciate them and the important part in their lives Mrs. D played. I’ve seen photos of her  as a little girl to a 90 year old lady. I had a feeling special memories would be shared and they were, from a few grandchildren, a cousin and a classmate of John and me. It made me think back to my Grandmom Ruth’s memorial service in 2000 and how only a friend of my mom’s (besides her) could talk as her grandchildren were a mess.

It was like reading a true life story and listening to special nuggets of this family’s life. John’s cousin offered some Biblical touches which were nice. I agreed with him in that people shouldn’t blame God for misfortune as it’s definitely something evil like Satan doing the dirty work. People forget God is Love and all that is good in our lives. I appreciate that reminder.

So do take the time to tell your friends that you do care for them! Some of the best times I’ve had in the last few years is meeting my online pals in real life. I wish I could with each and every person who had been so nice to me over the years. : )

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