Caching 3 days in a row


I’m counting my solo trip to Tweed’s Tavern in the trio.  Brian had off on Friday, so we headed south to the Oxford, PA area. Brian use to work out of an office there, but we didn’t go near the town, but another town, Lincoln University which has a college and upper Oxford, more in the country. I had a few in mind, one being a church right on the campus of Lincoln U! My one pal says I literally drove by her house Friday.

We entered the campus and headed to the little church dating to the 1840s. It was part of the underground railroad. So were a few places around here

We found the cache in a film canister in an old tree. It’s not a very well kept cemetery which is rather sad.

Before we went caching, we stopped at Saladworks. I really like salads with substance-meaning with items other than tomatoes and lettuce. I got the Cobb with blue cheese, chicken, bacon and avocado. Brian had a Mexican mix with white beans, cheese, etc. I was thinking I should cook up some h.b. eggs and bacon and keep containers in the fridge for salads like this. I prefer them to sandwiches any day!

The next one was about 1/2 mile away and inside an evergreen in a huge plastic container nestled in the branches. It had a lot of stuff in it for the kiddos. This was in someone’s front yard and he waved as we drove off.

We then drove up a long driveway to a candy shop and ended up walking half way down it again.

It was an ammo in the inside of an old tree stump and I had just met the CO at the picnic. That was a nice one-dropped a travel bug and took one with over 11K miles on it.

We went in the candy store and the chocolates were $30 a pound. Wow! I bought a little owl duo which was pricey enough.

We found two in the new Walmart parking lot and one across in another shopping center.

Another was behind a box. When we started looking for it I then remembered what it was as people posted photos on the geocaching site!

See that sticker on this utility box? Does it look different to you? A bulge or perhaps it’s been moved?

The cache was in a plastic pouch behind the magnet!

We couldn’t find one on a metal recycling bin. : (

We decided to stop off at a farmer’s market.  I’ve lived in this area for over 25 yrs and never went to this market. The produce was really inexpensive. The highlight of this visit was the antique area in the back run by a man in his late 70s. He was so nice. I got old photos for $1 each, a cookie cookbook, a Barbie tree topper, a gift for Sean’s birthday and two little dog figurines for my mom.

And did they have the best handrolled pretzels! So tender and yummy. Going back for more and a few pumpkins.

We did two more caches when it was starting to get dark. We went to a sweet little park when the sun was setting.

Me signing the log-in a container inside a tree hollow-finding lots of those lately.

The last one was in the dark. It was called ‘country bridge’ or something. I thought it was up this road, over a plank bridge, but it was someone’s house. I couldn’t believe how tucked away from everything this house was-probably built in the last 30 yrs.

We started to leave and the GPS went down in front of a guard rail  So I got out my glove as I saw a ton of spider webs and retrieved the cache.

I have some kind of bite on my right hand-not sure where I got that. Gloves should be worn when sticking your hand in a tree stump! : )

Saturday we went to St. David’s Fair. My mom and grandmom use to take us there when we were kids and it’s quite the event now. They even built a big barn where in the past we looked in horse stalls at the white elephant tables. We met my mom and brother there. Mom was standing right near a box of needlework things and saw me. She said-look cross stitch! Someone was cleaning out their stash of goodies-mainly fabrics which I grabbed at $3 each-they originally had $15 price tags on each one. I got a few charts and other items.  We went to the book tent and I only bought a few paperbacks.

The funny thing is we were getting hungry and we went to the hamburger tent and squeezed around people paying for food. I bark out my order and the guys asked if I had been waiting in line. Ummm…no, I look over and there are 30 people I butted in front of and had no idea they were waiting for food. I think the guy should have just waited on us-pure mistake-would have take a few minutes. Not well organized at all.

We did find General Anthony Wayne’s tomb for a virtual grab. The poor man is buried in Erie and Radnor, PA. The son went to Erie where the General had been originally buried and after 13 yrs, well to put it lightly, he hadn’t been prepped properly for burial. To make a nasty story short, his flesh is in Erie and what  bones didn’t fall out of the bags on the way are in Radnor.

St David’s Church

The church in the back and I believe the chapel.

We left the fair (my mom and bro stayed until way after it closed), grabbed a bite and headed to a local park called The Willows to look for caches. It was starting to get chilly and I only wore a thin t-shirt as the forecast called for the high 70s. I bet it didn’t go over 70!

My GPS wasn’t working well, so the two we found were pure luck-half the map, so we had to guess.

We went past a place called Skunk Hollow-a community garden.

It’s also where they make mulch. We walked all around the garden, then figured it was over a hill near a stream. I said to Bri it has to be a tree, he walked by GZ and then I caught a glimpse of it! #150. We spent at least 45 minutes looking and almost gave up.

Near the Skunk Hollow cache

The last one was a bit tricky too. We walked up to this field and there were 3 pine trees. We looked in every nook and then I said to Brian-it has to be diagonal from here-like a thicket area. He went in and saw a black hanger-the cache!

Near the last cache.

A bride and her entourage got out of her limo right when we were heading for the car. She looked perfect-makeup, gown, flowers. And she knew it-I guess we looked pretty disheveled, but her new hubby (I guess) said hello.

Interesting last 3 days-time to appreciate the house and do a little decorating!

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  1. So many neat places you & Brian went geocaching at and again makes me wish I could have been with you guys:-) Loved looking at all your pictures and I’m especially interested in that little church and cemetery. I did the Underground Railroad tour in Niagara Falls and it really does boggle the mind what those slaves had to go through to reach a safe haven.

    I wish I could have went caching today since it was sunny albeit a little cold but I was busy preparing all my dishes for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go caching next week:-) xoxo

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