Fun times with the Class of ’77


I think I can speak for many in our humble, but mighty class of ’77 that our reunion was great! I got so many smiles and hugs that my head is spinning. I brought my camera and took some candid shots, but when Brian came after dinner for a visit, I was able to get in a few of them too!

Before we left.

There were 4 of us there from Mrs. Davis’ Kindergarten that was held in the basement of Sandy Bank School (now Walden). This was 1964-65! Yeah for Carol, Bill, Rona and me!

That’s Bev-we were pals over at Springton Lake Jr. high and Carol (mentioned above)is in the middle.

BTW, I loved my dress and shoes! I was comfy all night until the darn chairs put holes in my stockings.

My pal John was saying that there were lots of the same names last night-John, Carol, Bill, Janet, you get the idea. That could make it a little confusing.

We had our famous alumni, a very nice guy Todd who is a film director, screenwriter, etc. out in CA. His new movie is coming out next year-Phantom (The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery). Cool…a submarine movie!

Todd and his sister Traci rode our bus and his mom was the guidance counselor at school. Todd was showing us his cute little nephew. He’s a proud uncle and says having a little one sure gives the family some energy.

This is horrible of me.

Then we have the couples who met in high school and got married and are still together. Margie (dark hair) and Karl are going to be grandparents next year. Both Francy and Margie have open invitations to Longwood Gardens.

My old pal Lil isn’t into blogging or Facebook, but she and another former classmate Kathy (not in attendance) have become world travelers! I asked the first place they went-Alaska! They are going to New Zealand soon. Kathy lives in CA and Lil in PA.

We had a classmate John come from Sweden to the reunion. He was sporting a cool braid and sandals. He brought his girlfriend (from Denmark) who hasn’t seen the east coast.

(Julie’s photo-thanks!)

We had the host of our beach get togethers come up too. Jim also installed one of those big satellite dishes for us many years ago-long gone. I swear it’s a small world.

A few people hadn’t come to a reunion for 25 yrs.! So nice to see the star of our senior play Sara and her hubby.

Lots of dancing and loud music…but I didn’t dare dance until I get my back checked out. My back has been better!

I sat with Darcy in the silver top and her hubby John-good pals. John and I were in more classes back in junior high.

Pretty marble staircase. I was waiting for Brian to come along.

We have lots of nurses, doctors and teachers in our group. : )

Libby and I went all the way through school together. Patty in the middle is a vet in Florida.

So in a few months, we’ll have a couple of mini reunions-one a bonfire that I haven’t attended due to the fact it was on Black Friday. It’s now the next day Saturday!

Until next time-cheers!

Thanks to Scott D and his helpers for always showing us a great evening.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your old classmates. I am so glad to hear that. You look so pretty in your blue polka dot dress.

  2. I can well imagine how much fun it was at your reunion…all those smiling faces:-) Your dress is gorgeous and really suits you. I don’t know if I’d remember anyone from my school days, I’ve only ever kept somewhat in touch with just a couple of them. I’m so glad you were able to attend the reunion and that it was such a great turnout:-) xoxo

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