Didn’t work out


Hey pals,

Just to let you know that I tried the merchandiser job and while I was okay with replacing and tidying up the magazines, I could not lift the 40-50 lb crates for the new ones or returns. The man that hired me did all the lifting today. The second time we went in the stock room, I told him I was having doubts about being able to lift. I’ve been hurting with my arm and lower back lately. He said he had told me lifting was involved and I thought I could get around that part by unloading the magazines without lifting the crates. No room and not the right carts. So I told him I’d have to pass on the job. : (

On an up note, Brian is interviewing with Kellogg to place their merchandise at local stores. Their products are not dead weight like magazines. He needs to figure out what he could handle, if he could do two jobs.

I shed a few tears in the parking lot as the guy made me feel bad about myself saying a lady in her 60s use to do the magazines where we just were working. I bet she had to have someone lift those crates-she had to! So I will do something to earn money whether it is eBay or something.

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  1. Thanks Zoey! I really wanted to do that, but it was crazy for me to lift those crates! I emailed a church about a preschool teacher position, only once a week, but that’s what I went to school for, teach kiddos. I will fill you in.

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