Happy Birthday Mom!


We got in a few hours ago after seeing my mom on her big day. She wasn’t up to par and feeling blue, but I had gifts I had found that I knew she would enjoy.

First we stopped off for that one geocache down in a Quaker Cemetery in Concordville. It was right near where the Delaware County Community College use to be in the 1960s to early 70s before they build the new place where I attended and enjoyed.

So Brian had to play monkey man and climb a tree for the cache! He did well, but I didn’t want him to take a tumble.

Can you see it?

It’s green and up high in the middle.

So we got to mom and she enjoyed the gifts we brought. I found a 1939 World Fair book, not in good shape, but she liked it as she was 8.5 when she went!

I got her some marker pens she asked for and a few other little things.


My phone camera was a little wonky here.

Looke at the beautiful St. Bernard’s my great grandfather William painted. He painted signs for a living. He was a wonderful artist and I wish we had more of his work, though not sure if he did a lot of works like this.

My brother invited us to a roast pork, eggplant parm and mac and cheese dinner with Strawberry ice cream roll and chocolate mousse cake.

So glad we went down for mom.

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