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As the time ticks down for when Brian will be busier, we are trying to squeeze some more hikes into our days that are left. I will hopefully be busier also as I get a few of my online stores up and running again in a few weeks.

Yesterday we went about 10 miles from here to an area off of Rt. 72 in Delaware called Paper Mill Park. It was basically a patch of woods in between nice housing developments. When we pulled up, we didn’t see anything except lush green. Bri backed up a bit and then I saw a walking path.

It was a narrow path and we saw a pond to our left with about 50 feet or so of trees and brush on both sides. The two caches we found were on the pond side….near trees.

We first had to walk under this ‘gnarly tree’. I felt like I was walking in the woods of the enchanted forest!

I had just gotten those seafoam color shorts the night before. I like them! (Caribbean Joe).

Nice pond we checked out after finding the two caches here.

There were a few of these large boxes-I think they were bat houses! They eat mosquitoes and we should get one as the skeeters are so bad all the time now.

We went to find another smaller cache called ‘the most tacky cache in Delaware’. Yay, curiosity got the best of me. The place was a ‘road’ that lead to fields all around and the grass was really long (tick land). I think the cache was nearer a somewhat quiet road, but when the cars went by, they zoomed by.  We would of had to walk a bit through that grass. I think ‘tacky’ meant it was magnetic. I’d like to find it when the grass is cut!

We also found a cache near a park where people mostly ride horses. Bri is getting good-he saw a path off a gravel path and the cache was in there! But he looked in the wrong tree, it was actually under a stump that had a hole in it like a fairy house. I dropped a travel coin in there to pass along.

The plastic on this map was really scuffed up!

We are up to 96 finds now! Hope to get 4 over the weekend as we are going to a flea market on Sunday and there are some near this area.

We stopped at a new Cali-Mexican place for dinner and I could only eat half of it as I got full and I was more thirsty then  hungry.  We grabbed a few groceries and headed to the cache at the dairy we couldn’t find a few nights earlier.  This time we saw a woodsy area we ignored the night before. We went in there and found it right away! The cache was very visible, but the log was on the ground in several pieces. We picked it up the best we could and replaced it in a better hiding area. The cache owner emailed me and said it had been ‘muggled’ five times this year. Kids have to be doing it.

We did get to take my mom out to dinner a few nights ago. We picked a classy Asian style restaurant and it was really delicious. Mom enjoyed her meal as did Sean and me.

She had a chicken, shrimp and scallops in a tangerine sauce. Sean and I had Imperial Shrimp. The menu was so fancy, I didn’t know what some of the items were on it!

And Zoey was right, my Persian Shield really came back nicely after it was overwintered in the basement.

I didn’t do much today, though I am about to make dinner. I had terrible indigestion from either the new restaurant’s food or some snack food I was eating. I am better, but I was tossing and turning a lot last night.

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  1. The Asian Restaurant sounds nice.

    Glad to see the PS came back. It does look good. I am tempted to save a couple I planted this year. they are still pretty small. I know if I save them, they will be a lot larger next year. It may be worth putting up with the big leaf drop mess during the winter.

  2. Howdy. Just found (and liked) your blog via Pinterest. Fellow Geocacher (SEPAG) here as well.

    I agree about the bathouse boxes. Sheesh! I could use one, too. I’ve been eaten alive this summer! We’ve had to cut back our time Groundspeaking because of ’em. Can’t wait for the cold weather to settle in and knock back their numbers.

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