Eagle eyed helper


Yesterday before I went to see my friends, I had a little time to kill, so I stopped to look for a cache at the Brandywine River Museum. It was near this lady:

That’s Helen, the bronze 400 pd pig that was stolen a number of years ago and then returned.

The cache was called ‘Gaging Station’ and there were stairs to climb which I didn’t want to yesterday as I wasn’t wearing the proper shoes. I only looked about 10 minutes and didn’t see it. Today I planned to at least find one cache to get a souvenir for International Geocaching Day. Again I stopped, but I had Brian along this time. I climbed a bit up the stairs that I avoided yesterday and Bri followed. Right away he saw the little camouflaged box. It was stuck on the metal trussle. Wow-eagle eyes!

I was so happy we found this one! Such a pretty area too.

Their gardens have suffered from the heat we had. The Black-eyed Susans sure look better than mine.

So then we went to a ‘legendary’ hot dog place nearby called Jimmy John’s. It’s been around since about 1940. The place had a big fire a few years ago, but it’s up and running again.

This is a cute train set up they have inside.

First time I was there…not really impressed, but I’d go back for the soft serve ice cream!

We found a few caches along Rt. 202 and were up to 3-3 for the day. There was one left, across the  the road and around the corner from our starting point. It was at The Christian Sanderson Museum. It took us a few minutes to spot and then we decided to check out the museum. The lady on the porch kind of guided us in and they said, that will be $10. Oh well….but… The place was the home of Christian Sanderson or ‘Chris’. He was the hoarder of Chadds Ford of his day. They had before and after shots of how the place looked when he passed away-wow-he had a ton of stuff! It’s a farm house with those curved steps too.  The people that cleaned it up had lots to chose from, let me tell you. I took a few photos, but they need to be uploaded. There are vintage Valentines, autographs, the poster from the Charles Lindbergh kidnapping, a hyena head, Easter eggs from the 1880s, etc.  My mom said her grandfather knew Mr. Sanderson. I’m sure if was her grandfather who was the sign painter. Interesting. If you love ephemera and antiques, you have to stop by here when you go to Chadds Ford.

1926 card made with butterfly wings

Mrs. Sanderson collected these advertising cards. I have a few of my own.

Vintage Christmas ornaments

They got electricity for the 1st time in July 1928!

So this was a bit of an unexpected stop, but I really enjoyed seeing everything here. And I got my virtual souvenir for the day!

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  1. Ha! Those train tracks at the Brandywine River Museum have a Geocache?! When I was a teen, I’d always sneak up there and walk them (like an IDIOT!). They’re dangerous, but I couldn’t resist making my perilous way across them. Beautiful views. I miss that area so badly.

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