Connecting with pals


Today a few of my pals with their adorable children met up with me at a local cross stitch shop. Jennifer has a little fellow who will be three in a couple of months. He’s a doll and I’ve met him when he as a baby and as a two year old. He really notices everything around him, a detail guy. My other pal Rachel brought her 2.5 yr old son and 5 month old daughter. The boys hit it off well and took to running around the shop a bit. I think if we do that again, I’ll bring some paper and crayons or something so their moms can look around better. I sure needed the inspiration to stitch seeing all the shop’s lovely pieces. Jennifer found a Chincoteague sampler-had to get that one. I should make that ‘next on my list’ to do as J and R can be my stitchy cheerleaders. Rachel’s children were so adorable. I was so happy to meet them for the first time. The little girl was a bit fussy as she is use to a routine and likes to nap after she eats. Both J and I got to hold her and we got some smiles too!

I am blessed to have pals like this. Jennifer helped me through some hard times lately when I  had some personal issues. Rachel is a family counselor and you feel good being around her. Both sweet ladies and great moms. I hope I can share some of my experiences as a mom of a boy to them. Being around kids takes me back many years when Sean was little and when I was an assistant teacher at a daycare. Everything is so new to them at this age and they so want to learn.

Very nice day-thanks gals!


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