Someone was watching from above


Today I was trying to get a hold of my mom for a few hours. Finally I called my brother, the one who lives around the corner to go check on her if he could. He said she was at his house. Well she was just there with us yesterday with Brian and me.  He had to go get her in our hometown. She had been leaving the bank and was carefully going into the intersection when a woman in her 40s broadsided her! She started to spin and saw she was heading for another car and lady and turned the steering wheel hard and missed her by inches. She was seat belted in as far as I know and is fine. They had a hard time getting her out of the car at the door got stuck shut. And the car’s right axle is bent, so her 21 yr old car is totaled. I don’t know how the lady could not see a blue sedan. I am so thankful she is fine. She was choking up tonight as she really liked the car. Ahhh. Scary for an almost 82 year old.

Brian went for the interview today. It’s a food store and only part-time. The woman said they only hire p-t. So he will  probably take it, though his hours will range from 12-30. I think he’ll have the ‘early bird special’ hours. It’s getting something on his resume in the food industry too. I think I will have to get more serious about a job too. I’ve been really miserable at night and need to get that under control. I plan to add items to both etsy and eBay for pocket money and I want to design some greeting cards. Things will hopefully get better sooner or later.

And I leave you with an interesting tree we found at the park in Delaware. This is the park you pay to get it…

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