New Castle and Battery Park


Brian and I headed down to New Castle again today as I wanted to find the cache in the New Castle historic Court House in Delaware.

The guide led us up to few short flights of stairs and said ‘it’s in here someplace.’ I saw it in like 20 seconds. It stood out like a sore thumb. LOL

So after we grabbed a Cajun lunch (wow that was spicy and I couldn’t eat it all) we headed down to nearby Battery Park right on the Delaware River.

By the way, I took all these from my phone. I do that and wear down my battery. We need to remember the Canon more!

Mine was Cajun Chicken salad with honey mustard…all I could taste was that Cajun spice. To me a little goes a long way. I wish I had gotten the Catfish Poboy like Brian.

Battery Park

There was a little beach here

Neat looking driftwood

A hubby enjoying the view

And finding a Nano! It had been here 7 years…

Brian retrieved this and we sat down at this picnic table. I opened it and the log fell out! It was so windy and we thought it blew across an open field. A man was sitting near by and asked what we were looking for and we told him about geocaching. Didn’t he get up and start looking around. We almost gave up and started walking away. He waved us back and said it had just fallen in the space on top of the picnic table-wow-that was luck. I signed it and off we went. He said he would check it out. We noticed he sat for a long time on top of a picnic table when we had walked to near the other end of the park.

Saw a pretty Bed and Breakfast and their garden

And me near the water with a big barg of old cars  behind me (so our log finding helper told us).

We went to a shopping center and looked around a QVC outlet store right before they closed. I got some crocheted Halloween ornaments for mom and me for $3.25 each. The box said they sold on air for $38.00. They had a lot of them-ghost, purple spider, etc.

We also stopped at Wendy’s and tried to find a few more caches to no avail. People were mentioning wasps for the one and we looked in two areas where they could build their nests-nope. The other cache was behind a liquor store. Near the cache area, there was a pile of sand, traffic cones, etc. We thought it was near a fence, but we didn’t see anything. Oh well, it was fine finding a nano.


Today would have been Brian’s mom’s 90th birthday. She’s been gone almost 16 yrs now.

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  1. This cache finding stuff is really intriguing to me. I guess there is a huge bunch of them around here, as I was talking about this with someone last week. Then I went to look at a map of them …. bunches!

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