Redone photo trio


I decided to change the look of my trio of little Irene (photographed in 1921). The cardboard was held on with shards of metal and many broke off. These are not studio quality as the back says ‘postcard’. I gingerly lifted the first photo (which happen to be my favorite) and it tore across the side of her face. I was able to line it up and touch it up with a little pencil, but I was not happy I did this to a 91 yr old sweet photo. I was deciding what would look good with these and right away I thought of Tim Holtz. He does some neat ‘steam punk’ type of designs and his alphabet scrapbook paper looked perfect to me. I had to piece it a bit as the frame was longer. I when added a little gold paint to the frame itself to go with the goldtone color in the paper.

From this:

I should have scanned all these first…that’s another day.

Doing some dusting, etc. today. The hubby did vacuuming and laundry.

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  1. Hi Dianne, I love the paper you used behind the pictures, Tim Holtz has the best supplies. I was interested in your adventures in geocaching, I really don’t know much about it. How to you get your information? Thanks for your comments on The Wedding, the kids just got back from their honeymoon to London, then they moved this week. Emily sent a picture of their living room covered in boxes. Dale helped them move the other day but my allergies have been so bad I couldn’t be around their dogs, I guess I lucked out! 🙂 Our granddaughter is staying overnight tonight, she’s sleeping soundly right now, hope that lasts! She can’t wait to wake up, have waffles and play. She rubbed her little hands together and said “I love waffles”. Me too! Take care.


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