You find some- you don’t


As I was saying in an earlier post, Brian and I were getting the micro  cache finds down to a science. We decided to go look for some larger caches yesterday down in Yorklyn, DE. I mainly use my phone. So it was after 3 when we went out as Brian had a phone interview and we start to drive down our road. I should have gotten the site loaded up first as it wouldn’t do so going down our road. We turned around until it picked up again, but this was just the beginning of our issue with it. I decided to try a cache that hasn’t been found for a while-like March of this year. When you read info on a few caches, you forget some of the hints, etc. We parked across from a lovely place we’ve never seen before-Marshall Steam Museum & Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve Inc.. They run a miniature steam train here several times a year. That winds around this pond:

Several bullfrogs live here and croaked or jumped in when we approached. Up the hill is a gorgeous mansion with turrets.

We started looking for the cache across the road which lead into woods. That didn’t work so Bri suggested we look around the train museum property. The GPS never went under 106m. After I got home, I saw we were suppose to park around the corner from this cache where we ended up finding another one anyway. I guess I should take some notes. We went on a few wild goose chases -decided not to go through waist high grass at one place! We’ll go back in the fall.

We found this one and I gladly added more swag to the box. I am finding these caches need goodies! I found a few cute things at the Dollar Store and get a few things for Oriental Trading Co.

After about 45 minutes of looking for the first one, we gave up. If we had followed a dirt road behind the above cache, I think we would have hit on it! The GPS was really jumpy because of the trees, etc.

Today I went to my yearly eye doctor visit, though a few months late and with no insurance. I’ve been seeing a nice woman doctor a little younger than I am. So my prescription is the same after a few years and my internet purchased glasses are fine. She said my eyes are really dry and I have to use an antibiotic cream at night to see if that helps. I have to keep the pressure checked in my eyes for glaucoma, but I am good for a year. : )

I’m hoping to go to an antique mall tomorrow and look around for a few caches so I can get to #50. The mall is having a 20% off sale on some things and I usually look for old photos and paper items.  It’s something to do. : )


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  1. Hi Dianne! Thanks for visiting and leaving the meatloaf recipe. I joined Pinterest recently, but don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Every time I try to upload a pic, the pinwheel just keeps circling and I wait like 5 minutes before it may or may not upload. I’m guessing based on how large Pinterest is, other people aren’t having this problem!

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