Narrowing it down…


So we are heading up to 50 cache finds soon! I’m thinking it would be nice to go look for a few larger ones so I can add some swag to them. Lately it’s been all micros. If you told me that a few months ago, I’d laugh. I surely could have found these with hints online, but it was indeed a learning process which, when the first one was found, it sure was a surprise and made us smile! In fact, my statistics show that we have mostly found micros. But these kind ‘get old’ and are called ‘micro spew’ as they are so common. Most are in shopping centers…there’s your hint!

I was sad to see this one open with it and with the log and things floating in water in the inside of a tree. This was an old cemetery down the road from my mom’s house.

This is considered a micro as it pill bottle size…but they can be smaller, a ‘nano’ and Brian has found two of those!

Brian and I took my mom to the eye doctor. She gets medication by injection in one or the other and yesterday it was her good eye. We dropped her off as it’s a 2+ hours appointment. That’s when we go look for caches, but I did look around the mall too.  After mom’s appointment, we took her to Texas Roadhouse as they have a nice ‘early bird’ special Mondays to Thursday. Their select menu is $7.99 and there is a 6 oz sirloin steak on that menu! That’s what we usually want anyway.

We take mom home (the restaurant is almost halfway to our home) and are almost to the same area when she phoned and said her purse with her medication was in the car-and indeed it was! So we had to turn around again…but looked for a few caches in a nearby shopping center first. The first was easy, but the second one called ‘Bah humbug’ as it was placed around Christmastime of last year was a ‘DNF’ (did not find) by many people. I looked at the hints and thought we’d give it a try. First you find a long metal fence and have to narrow down on that. We looked and looked-nothing. I did email the Cache owner for a hint and he said ‘fishing’-so I’m thinking the cache is hanging off a fishing line down the wall-the wall drops at least 100 feet behind the fence!  I saw a string with nothing on the end, so I’m thinking that was a decoy string-lol. We’ll have to check it out some other time.

Brian has a phone interview in a few hours. I haven’t heard back from the school. Sean signed up for a volunteer internship for a few weeks. Something for the resume and of course it’s a learning experience too!

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