A little trip to New Castle, DE


This was the perfect day for a little trip down to Delaware. After learning about the Colorado theater shooting, for some reason I needed to get out of the house instead of keeping myself cooped up. I had read about the Goodwill outlet store through a blog where the lady is into thrifting locally. She scores big on kids’ clothes and toys all the time. I look for old books, novels, name brand things and craft stuff. It’s an interesting place-rows and rows of big blue bins. I try to avoid clothing-you just don’t know how clean it is. If something catches my eye, then I will investigate more. I scored an American Urban Outfitters sweater, some Disney stuff, Wuthering Heights book from 1940 something, a galvonized bucket with a pumpkin face cut out, 2 plush Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer,  a ‘singing’ Hallmark bear couple, a John Denver songbook and lots of novels. They change out the bins every so often and they did that while we were there. After they put the new bins out, people went nuts! A few people were scooping the books in their baskets like crazy. I think they did that so they could price them later with their cellphones?

After we left there, we went a few miles down to historic New Castle. It’s a smaller version of Old Philadelphia and Williamsburg and not at busy! I didn’t bring my bigger camera as it was rainy today. These are all phone captures.

The first place we stopped at was the George Read house. He was a signer of the Declaration of Independence

Below is the front of the George Reed House dating from the 1700s

Cobblestone stones are still here on this strength of road called ‘The Strand’

A cute pooch was barking at us along the Strand.

So were down this road looking for a ‘virtual’ cache-a hole in the wall. The GPS lead us to this,

…but the Cache owner said it was a bigger hole and closer to the water. He let us post as a find anyway. We are going back to this area because of the following photo.

This is the ‘first’ part of the cache (that was the hint-to look in the window). We were looking in the rose bushes and around the mailbox. And the courthouse was closed too.

I poised with William ‘Billy’ Penn who founded this area first.

There were a few quaint shops and restaurants. We went into a New Orleans style one and both had Jambalaya-Brian with chicken and me with crayfish-really spicy! I brought half of mine home. We went into a gift shop and the lady said that they use to be in Ridley Park, nearer my mom. I happen to have eaten in that one many years ago with my mom and the ladies she worked with. Small world.

The lady in the gift shop told us how to get to the New Castle Farmer’s Market, just down the road. We found a produce place with a dozen lemons for $3 and 99 cent bundles of asparagus.

This area is under 20 miles away and we’ve never been to the historic area.

And we found 4 other caches on the way home. Brian starts to sigh, I knew he was tired. Found three lamp skirt ones and a rain gutter guard one-lol.

We stopped at Rita’s Water Ice and got swirl cones to cool the fire of the Cajun food. Yum.

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