Goldfinch Lunch Break


Brian happen to catch this hungry Goldfinch couple munching on the forming Zinnia seeds through the backdoor . I had to grab the camera and was happy with these shots. So sweet….

I’m glad they like these as I like to help wildlife.

I saw that the local school district needed a ‘full-time’ instructional assistant for the elementary where Sean went to school. I’m a bit nervous about working full time, I’d like to get my feet wet with part-time. I haven’t worked around kids for several years, but of course I raised a fine fellow.  They only want you to have a high school diploma. The pay is decent too. I dropped off my resume today.

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  1. Well, that would not be a bad job–you would have your summers, spring break, Christmas etc. and unlike your retail job you would not be on your feet the entire time.

  2. Oh I agree Tammy! It’s just a long day that I’d have to get use to. And the hubby is still unemployed and he can’t cook, so it would be a lot more responsibility for me. I am not feeling great about being hired as I am a bit over educated for it and maybe too old. I haven’t been around kids other than family and friends for 17 years. At least I tried.

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