Sean share


Sean let me take a photo of him with his iPhone on the beach down in Virginia Beach. He has that instagram app and applied it. I really like this shot. It ‘was’ almost perfect. There was the seagull, the little girl near the water and the blob with a sleeping bag over his head…which was edited out.

 I think I shared this one before-a friend asked him to be the subject in a photo shoot at in PSU. One of my favorites of him.

We had a low key 4th of July-it was hot. We had pasta salad, burgers, chicken and roasted corn on the cob. And the bundt cake! Someone in the family decided to have the pick on me for something that doesn’t concern them. The thing is, I did nothing to them personally for them to get so mad at me. And this person hardly goes on their FB page and decided to do so just to give me a scolding. I would never write anything like what they wrote on their wall or family members wall. I guess when someone doesn’t like you, nothing you say matters. This makes me really sad. I’ve known this person for 34 yrs. : (

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