NJ day two


I should add that for dinner the first night we were in Atlantic City we went to a restaurant that has been in business since 1912! I was picturing ladies in their bustled skirts and big hats coming to the ‘Fork and Knife Inn’ for dinner.

I had a lobster egg roll before dinner. If I had known I was going to have enough dinner for three people, I would have ordered a few appetizers! I had braised boneless ribs and Yukon potatoes. I brought what I couldn’t eat back to the room as we had a frig. I stored it on ice, but it was just a bit cool to touch after 7 hours in the car (and not in a cooler), so I tossed it. Brian had a nicely presented flounder dish.

We walked up and down that the boardwalk, but it was so windy, we headed back to the room. We did see some famous celebrities hand prints in cement-Cher, Joan Rivers, Frank Sinatra, Dom Deluise, to name a few.

The next day we got a light breakfast and walked along the beach for about 15 minutes. The sand was blowing sideways. They are finishing up a new hotel/casino called Revel-wow it’s spectacular!

Not sure how many stories it is. That’s a golf ball in the daytime and a globe at night on the top . You go up these long escalators to the different floors. At 10 in the morning , there weren’t that many people playing the slots. I have a $5 rule, if I put in $20 and lose $5,  I cash out. I sat down at a few penny slots and used a few dollars. I had a $20 left and we started winning and got up to $54! I cashed out. I used the money for a few souvenirs for Sean.

We decided to drive down to Margate, a lovely town with immaculate homes. You can’t believe you are a few miles away from Atlantic City as the main drag there is very seedy. I wanted to do a virtual cache at ‘Lucy the Elephant’ landmark. We decided to take the tour of the inside of Lucy and climbed up narrow, winding wood stairs.

Lucy looks like this on the outside

And like this on the inside:

 One of Lucy’s eyes shows a view of the ocean

The tour guide took our photo in the howda

Crazy windy and hair!

A view of Margate

See Lucy on the water tower? The original Lucy was from 1881 and fixed up both in 1970 after she was moved a few block and in the 2000s

We then headed 40 more miles south to one of my favorite places around Cape May, NJ. Brian says I should have a place there. : )  Not a ton of people because of the wind.

I’ll have to take a horse and carriage ride next time!

The Virginia where my grandparents honeymooned back in 1921.

This is so sweet.

I thought this was cool of my reflection-

From the hotel-not bad at all 35 floors up.

Better hit the hay, we are getting up really early tomorrow-250 miles!! That’s the longest drive we’ve done in a while (at least Brian and me).

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  1. Love the name Knife and Fork Inn. It sounds like they had good food, too.

    You did good on the slots, too. What a great day!

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