Well hello, Mister Buck


Brian happened to see this fella down the bank through the kitchen window. He put the zoom on the camera…

He brightened my day. My own day was blah as I didn’t sleep well. Sean and I get along really well, but last night he pulled a fast one on me. We had bbqed ribs, hotdogs, deviled eggs and pasta salad all ready for dinner and one minute he said he was coming home and the next he said he was eating fast food with a few buddies he ran into even though he had seen them the night before!  If we had more meat, I would have had at least one guy over. Times are a bit tough on the food budget. Not happy. I can forgive, but not forget. He didn’t get dinner made for him tonight. I was hoping to see my mom today, but I ended up crashing at 3:30 with the cat. Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. How exciting to see a buck in velvet! I never see a buck in my yard. I don’t like to see any deer, but I have to admit, I would be pretty excited to see one like this.

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