True Blue


I saw this Delphinium at Lowes last week and decided to get it as I really do love ‘true blue’ flowers.

I decided to put it in a pot this time around to pamper it.

Also a find at Lowes was this Jim Shore sun face. It had a point at the top broken off (to the right of the top one-used a glue gun) and I asked Brian to take it to customer service and they knocked $5 off! I am having trouble finding glue, but will look in a craft store again for super duper glue.

My sinuses are bad today and it’s hot and humid, so we may skip checking some geocaches along a nearby route in Delaware unless we go later in the day. The Delaware geocaching trails near the museums here all look like ammo boxes, my type of find. This is not far from VP Joe Biden’s home.

I wrote to a guy who had found a micro cache down the road from us to see if he could give me a hint about it and he said he forgot about that particular one ‘which’ he had just found  in the last few weeks! Is there a written geocache law that says you can’t help other cachers? I certainly would say you are ‘warm’ if you are near a pole….something like that. Oh well….maybe some day.

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  1. Hi Dianne,
    I LOVE that sun face! I hope you find a glue, but even if you don’t the missing point is hardly visible. Personally, I would not even worry about fixing it. If I had a Lowes near me, I would be out looking for that one!

    The blue delphinium is gorgeous. I think I once had that one, but it did not survive the winter. I hope you have better luck.

    It is hot here, too…about 90 degrees…HATE that! 🙂

  2. Dianne, I think there may be hints for some geocaches at I know Gary used to look on his phone for hints sometimes back when he was geocaching a lot more than he is now.

    Love your blue delphinium! I have one that color from last year that survived the winter and is putting out some nice blooms now.

  3. When you would like another hint about a cache, it’s the cache owner you should send a message to and ask if she/he can give you another hint since you’ve tried an x number of times to find it. Usually they’re very helpful. Messaging another geocacher who found it is not something you should do. Wish I lived near to go help you!!!

    Love that blue Delphinium, it’s gorgeous. I use to have one but after blooming once, it never came back up, probably froze during our winter months.

    It’s 81F here right now and supposed to keep going up all week. Too hard to geocache much in that kind of temp! lol xoxo

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