Cache #5 found!


So this was the third time we went looking for this cache, and some nice people or critters made a trail through the weeds, so it was easy as pie this time to spot. An animal had left a ‘gift’ right at GZ (ground zero) and I am so glad I didn’t touch it, but I came close to it! Can’t get away from animal poo. At my mom’s we walked into her house finding her trying to clean her fairly new vacuum as she rolled over some from the older dog-he’s getting old and can’t hold it anymore. We ended up taking the machine outside and using the hose on it-ugh!

So anyway…here I am with the cache. There wasn’t much in it, so I will bring back a few buttons and things for the next time I take a walk in the park.

Notice I am wearing my camouflage shirt too! And make-up (we were going to the grocery store later).

Thinking we were on a roll, we headed out to an ‘open area’ find. It was off an housing development (gorgeous homes) and I thought, oh how far could it be down there? Well the compass started at 600 and a lot of the trail had mulch, but it was really steep too! We walked along the White Clay Creek, so pretty. We read that a train use to go by near here from Newark, De to PA.

I sure wish I had my Canon  with me so I could have shown you more awesome nature shots.

Brian took some photos on his phone too!

We get to the middle of these woods and both my phone and GPS device decide to quit on us! Rats. I sent Bri down to a ‘beach’ area near the water as it seems that other cachers saw that beavers had chewed on wood in that area. It was just too wild to see anything with the naked eye and there weren’t any good hints to help us. I think the people who live in this area donated nice benches along the trail. Of course we saw other animal gifts, but no animals. Brian mentioned snakes and I crossed my fingers. As more people find this one, there will be more hints. It was a good hike. I think between the two areas, we walked at least 2-2.5 miles today! Woo hoo! Good exercise. We have to remember to use OFF! on us or I need to mix up a tick deterrent formula when I get some tea tree oil. You mix that with water and spray on your clothes. I should be more weary as I have had Lyme disease or still have it. I don’t know if you ever really get over it fully.  We rewarded ourselves with some steak, corn on the cob and baked beans for dinner. : )

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  1. That’s one of the things I love about geocaching, the places it brings you that you would have otherwise never gone. I’ve discovered so many areas and trails I never knew about in the Sudbury area and I’ve lived here all my life! lol As I’ve mentioned to you, we don’t have tics here in our area but we sure do have mosquitoes and black flies, they’re horrible. I always bring a can of bug spray with me and spray myself from top to bottom before heading out on the trails, otherwise the skeeters would carry me away! lol Yesterday I was gone out to hide 4 caches and also went to find 2. One of them I had looked for before but it had started to rain heavily so I had to quit looking. This time I found it right away, I had been so close to it the first time!!! I hate it when you have to go in so far and don’t find the cache…that’s happened to me a couple of times but both times I found out after that it was missing. Right now what we have to watch for are the black bears, they’re roaming the woods now and they say to always carry a whistle or jingle bell bracelets with you, they don’t like those sounds. xoxo

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